Chinese Uighurs get 10 years for plotting to bomb a shopping center in Dubai

Only 10 years?  I’d say they got off lightly.

But here’s the catch:

‘The men will be deported to China after serving their sentences’, the paper said.

Funny that. We in the West resettle them in Bermuda or in Palau. How come the Arabs are not so tender with their Muslim brothers?

By  AL REUTERS/ Arab News

DUBAI: An Abu Dhabi court has jailed two Chinese Uighurs for 10 years for plotting to bomb a massive shopping center in Dubai, an Emirati newspaper said on Thursday.

The men, arrested last year after a tip-off from the Chinese embassy, were convicted of plotting to blow up a statue outside Dubai’s DragonMart, home to nearly 4,000 shops mainly selling Chinese-made goods, The National newspaper said.

The court heard that the men did not intend to cause casualties but the explosives they planned to use would have caused damage up to 80 meters from the blast site, the paper said. The verdict, issued by the State Security Court, cannot be appealed.

The pair, Mayma Ytiming Shalmo and Wimiyar Ging Kimili, were also convicted of being members of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the paper said, which China accuses of orchestrating attacks in its restive Xinjiang region.

They came to the attention of authorities after making a wire transfer of Dhs50,000 ($13,620) to China and then moving the cash to another GCC country, where they also traveled several times while planning the attack, the paper said.

The men will be deported to China after serving their sentences, the paper said.

Chinese embassy and consular officials were not immediately available to comment on Wednesday’s verdict.

The Uighurs are people centered in China’s Xinjiang area who share linguistic and cultural bonds with Central Asia. Many chafe under Chinese rule and resent an influx of Han Chinese workers from eastern and central China.

Xinjiang has long been a tightly controlled hotbed of ethnic tension. Beijing often blames what it calls violent separatist groups in Xinjiang for attacks on police or other government targets, saying they work with Al-Qaeda or Central Asian militants to seek an independent state called East Turkestan.

Uighur exiles accuse China of whipping up the threat posed by armed separatists to justify harsh crackdowns in the region.

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  1. There is something strange about this story. The Uighurs are Moslem right. They rampaged through the street in their province last year killing Chinese people indiscriminately. They put heads on poles in the main street. I was there at the time and it was a bloody encounter. And true to Chinese style, they did not hold back on immediate punishment and death to those responsible. I wish all terrorists were treated this way.

    They seek to hurt others to promote their own religious causes. If their religion wants to stir up tensions such as these people do they will upset the delicate structure of their society, and the Chinese Government needs to be in the control of the feeding, and clothing and shelter of over one billion people. In the 1950’s Five million Chinese died in the great famine. They vowed this will never happen again. They have the biggest silo’s in the world and they are the only country in Asia with a store of rice.

    I lived in China for several years and it is not a country portrayed in our media. The Chinese are a very spiritual people and I attended many Christian services in many cities such as Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Shanghai and Harbin and Beijing. Ningbo has one of the loveliest Catholic cathedrals in Asia. There are Bibles available in the book stores. My students came from average Chinese homes, some poor and some wealthy. I do understand now that Chinese feel the rest of the world hates them and they have said so, but the attitude of the west toward them only makes their resolve stronger and make China the greatest country on earth. But it will take time.

    Now I can understand China warning the Emirates and this was the right thing to do, but why did they (the Uighyrs) attack a brother Moslim state?

  2. “why did they (the Uighyrs) attack a brother Moslim state?”

    It seems the target was a shopping complex selling mainly Chinese goods, which means that the business owners are likely Chinese also. It would be interesting to know what the statue they tried to blow up represents. No doubt the statue has Chinese cultural significance. In any case, statues are “haram”, so the Uighurs were just being good Muslims. This is why they got off lightly.

  3. I understand what you say, but really it does not add up at all and as I followed those three bloody days while in China and using the resources of the International media – the original meaning given – does not add up.

    There is something more sinister behind this story. It will come out eventually. From what my students tell me the government was right on top of it and there is no room for this behaviour in China. But, from China to the Emirates – big stretch.

    1. Don’t forget that there are Uighurs fighting with the Taliban.

      Some have been picked up in Iraq as well. Many Euro-Muslims have followed the call to jihad, and American (mostly Somali) Muslims have followed the call to jihad in Africa in large numbers.


    Jihadists in China involved in Norway jihad bombing plot

    Something sinister going on?

    And the learned analysts are dumbfounded, bereft of any means of understanding why such a thing would happen. “Chinese Separatists Tied to Norway Bomb Plot,” by Edward Wong in the New York Times, July 9 (thanks to Bill):

    BEIJING — The arrests on Thursday of three men in Norway and Germany accused of orchestrating a terrorist bomb plot seemed like another routine raid by a Western government in the continuing campaign against groups linked to Al Qaeda. But one detail stuck out: Norwegian officials said one of the men was a Chinese Uighur, and all three supposedly belonged to a group that advocates separatism in western China.
    If the Norwegian officials are right, the bomb plot was a rare instance in which the group, the Turkestan Islamic Party, had tried to carry out an attack in the West that was unrelated to its goal of gaining independence for the restive region of Xinjiang, in China’s hinterlands.

    And that indicates yet again that the jihad is a global struggle, with the various “nationalist” struggles of Muslims in various countries as its local theaters. This is something that mystifies the learned analysts, for they see all these local conflicts as discrete nationalist insurgencies that just happen to involve Muslims. In that view, there would be no reason for Muslims involved in a nationalist struggle in China to get involved in any violent activity in Norway. The Times reporter’s apparent surprise and belief that this involvement is newsworthy stems from his mistaken premises about the nature of the conflict in China — and in Norway — as well as his mistaken premises about the nature of Islam and jihad.

    Terrorism experts say the plot in Norway indicates that Al Qaeda and the few members of the Turkestan Islamic Party, or TIP, who trained in the tribal areas of Pakistan see some mutual benefit in cooperating. The use of relatively obscure ethnic Uighur recruits could allow Al Qaeda to penetrate more deeply into the West.
    For militant Uighurs, taking part in attacks against the West could give them a raison d’être at a time when the Chinese government has seemingly defused any chance of a widespread insurgency’s taking root in Xinjiang, despite occasional spasms of violence. Uighurs may also feel alienated by the West given that the United States and most other major nations have largely accepted China’s contention that Uighur separatists are part of a broader threat to stability posed by Islamic fundamentalists.

    Alienated. And you know what happens when Muslims get angry. Western governments seem devoted above all to making sure they don’t grow alienated, because when they do, the bombs start going off. The specter of manifestly non-alienated Muslims, such as the Glasgow doctors a year or two ago, engaging in violent jihad activity is yet another inexplicable and surprising phenomenon that leaves the learned analysts mystified.

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