Crawling Sharia

2.5 million enraged Muslims threatening to leave Facebook

Unless some pro-Islamic supremacist Facebook groups that have been shut down are reinstated. “2.5 Million Muslims Threatening to Leave Facebook,” from,

Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s rejection, Muslims continue to demand Islamic holidays in NYC …

Muslims are religiously obliged to make Islam the dominant religion and to kill and die for Allah. What makes you think they’d stop demanding “their rights?” Dhimmi Bloomberg, a Jew who didn’t cave in yet?  Stay tuned, it has only just begun……

Hate crime, hate crime!

Historic Churches Defaced with Islamist Graffiti…. “Clear off, Zionist dogs” painted on 1,700-year-old church in Turkey

Life is Good at Gitmo – Detainees Enjoy Playstation3…

NBC, CBS won’t air anti-mosque ad

A conservative political action committee blasted the CBS and NBC networks Wednesday for rejecting its ad imploring Americans to fight the mosque proposed for Ground Zero. New York Daily News, 15 July 2010

Look at this picture. Now, tell me: Who are the real fascists?

The man in the photo is Frank Vanhecke, the party leader of Vlaams Belang. On September 11, 2007, during a peaceful demonstration against Islamization in Brussels, he and other party leaders were knocked down, roughed up, handcuffed, and hauled away to jail by the police. Mr. Vanhecke even had to endure the pain and humiliation of being grabbed by the privates and perp-walked to the bus with his hands cuffed behind his back.

Now, tell me again: Who are the real fascists? (Gates of Vienna/Read further…)

Supplementary Jizya Levied From the EU

The European Union is acting decisively once again to help the “Palestinians”, who are, as usual, unable to function without jizya payments (aid money) from wealthy Western countries.

Aid is fungible, of course, and the more that pours in for hospitals and schools, the more there is available to fund terror attacks against Israel. But that’s none of the EU’s concern.  ANSAMed has the story (H/T GoV)

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  1. If they wear a burka you can’t see their face anyway. If only they would leave Oz.

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