Deja vu all over again in Germany

Germany blames da Joooozzzz…..

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The German parliament was scheduled to meet Thursday night to vote on resolutions introduced by all of its major parties slamming Israel for intercepting the flotilla of fools trying to run Israel’s legal ‘blockade’ of Gaza.

In what  appears to be precedent-setting German parliamentary action against Israel, the major parties – ranging from the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union and its governing coalition partner the Free Democrats, to the Social Democrats and the Green Party – drafted a resolution urging Israel to agree to an international inquiry and end its blockade of Gaza.

The local Jewish community is furious.

The Central Council of Jews on Wednesday issued an angry condemnation of the German parliamentary resolutions.

“This behavior is unparalleled in the history of the friendship between Germany and Israel and worsens the conflict in the Middle East, instead of facilitating peace prospects,” wrote the heads of the council.

The German Jewish organization criticized all the German parties, saying “the planned joint motion by the CDU/CSU, FDP, SPD and Alliance 90/The Greens, as well as a separate motion by the Left Party, are based on incomplete information and a mixture of half-truths and public prejudices.”

The Central Council termed sections of the media and the public as engaging in a “one-sided bias against Israel.”

According to the text of the draft resolution of all parties, there is a call “to support the demand for an international investigation of the operation against the ‘solidarity fleet,’ as was again demanded by the secretary-general of the United Nations, which would consider the behavior of both sides…”

The resolution further criticized Israel for “violating the principle of proportionality” by employing violence against the radical activists aboard the Mavi Marmara.

“The blockade of Gaza is counterproductive and does not serve the security interests of Israel,” wrote the party leaders.

The Israeli Embassy declined to comment on the resolution. An Israeli diplomat, however, said privately that the political situation has dramatically shifted against Israel in Germany.

This shift has been going on for a while though – this is just another step.

In January 2009, German police broke into a private home in Duisberg, in Western Germany, and removed an Israeli flag from a window because Muslims found it annoying (the flag is pictured at the top of this post). Although the Germans eventually apologized for that incident, in September 2009, a German student was fined 300 euros (about $450 at the time – much less today) for displaying an Israeli flag during a ‘spontaneous’ demonstration by Muslims. And in October 2009, fellow blogger Robert Spencer traveled to Germany to violate a ban ondisplaying the Israeli flag during demonstrations.

There’s a pattern here. And it’s leading straight back to 1939.

Dead Jews good. Israel bad……..

The Elder of Ziyon has done some research: Extremists vs. moderates

It is impossible to run a society based on the rule of law if the courts refuse to enforce the law.

Zvi does some research on Judge George Bathurst-Norman, who just essentially instructed a jury to acquit people from causing hundreds of thousands of pounds of damage – because the material might have gone to Israel:

More on the British judge who hates Israel (Zvi)

3 thoughts on “Deja vu all over again in Germany”

  1. guten tag,

    i totally agree with your criticism on the common resolution in german parliament to slam israel. unfortunately the anti-israeli circles have managed to do their lobby work well enough, so the “bad israeli – poor palestinian” image has manifested itself in the majority of parliament. i was also furious when i read about the israel-flag incidents that happened here in my country. it’s a bad situation – the majority of my fellow germans believe israel is an occupying aggressor…

    so, yes – i share your thoughts and concerns and i keep trying my best to fight against this bullshit here in germany – BUT: your comparison to 1939 is simply ridiculous, sorry.

  2. “The local Jewish community is furious.” Now that is NEWs!
    It is about time that they started to put pressure on the government – while there is still sufficient numbers!

    Herr Flux, da haben Sie was mißverstanden …
    The statement was: “And it’s leading straight back to 1939.” and not “And it is comparable to 1939” .

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