Demented Ultra Scumbag Lynne Stewart Gets 10 Years

GREAT NEWS! Terrorist shyster and collaborator, Lynne Stewart, gets a new longer sentence – 10 years (instead of 2 Barenaked)

Just wondering if she can do this  ‘prison time standing on her head….’

Lynne F. Stewart, Terrorist Lawyer Gets 10 Years In Prison/

Remember, she did it, she says, to fight sexism and racism. She said that “to rid ourselves of the entrenched, voracious type of capitalism that is in this country that perpetuates sexism and racism, I don’t think that can come nonviolently.”

The judge said public comments Stewart made after her first sentencing showed him that the “original sentence was not sufficient.”

He said she showed “a lack of remorse for conduct that was both illegal and potentially lethal.”

Outside court after her original sentence, Stewart said “she could do the prison time standing on her head.”

Terrorist supporting  lawyer Lynne F. Stewart was sentenced to 10 years in prison by the judge who had originally only sent her up for two years. An appeals court had ordered Judge John G. Koeltl to reassess his original sentence because they deemed it too light. He multiplied it by 5.

Stewart was convicted in 2005 for aiding her client Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman by passing messages to his followers in Egypt. Rahman was a leader in a violent terrorist organization in Egypt. When she was originally sentenced, Stewart had said that she could do 28 months (the original sentence) “on her head.” The judge apparently considered that statement when sentencing Stewart this time.

The terrorist lawyer Lynne F. Stewart is 70 years old and addressed the judge after her sentencing. She said “I’m somewhat stunned, Judge, by the swift change in my outlook,” We will continue to struggle on to take all available options to do what we need to do to change this.”

There were apparently plenty of supporters of Lynne F. Stewart in the courtroom as they listened in horror at the sentence. Stewart has breast cancer and underwent treatment before she was originally sentenced in 2006.

She says that being incarcerated is wearing her down. I guess Lynne F. Stewart terrorist lawyer, should have thought about the prospect of spending her last days in prison before she decided to aid a terrorist organization while we are currently at war with them. Liberals always want to push the envelope. Stewart has claimed to be some sort of martyr for lawyers who have adamantly defended terrorists since 9/11.