Elena Kagan "Vile Filth"






Treif refers to anything that is vile and non-kosher in the Jewish faith, such as pigs, fecal matter, and various forms of filth.

This is the word the Rabbinical Alliance of America has used to label Elena Kagan, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

Update from Atlas Shrugs:

SHOCKING: Kagan’s Princeton Thesis Cited German Socialist Who Endorsed Nazis

Kagan is in good company:

Ms. Kagan is expected to replace Justice John Paul Stevens, 90, the foremost liberal on the bench.

Treif refers to anything that is vile and non-kosher in the Jewish faith, such as pigs, fecal matter, and various forms of filth.

Rabbi Yehuda Levin, speaking on behalf of the 850 Orthodox rabbis who issued the condemnation, statement explained his group’s position by saying:

“Ms. Kagan is treif – not fit to serve on the Supreme Court or any other court. It is clear from Ms. Kagan’s record on issues – – such as abortion-on-demand, Partial-Birth-Abortion, the radical homosexual and lesbian agenda, the ‘supremacy’ of the anti-family panoply over religious liberties of Biblical adherents, et. al. – – that she will function as a flame-throwing radical, hastening society’s already steep decline into Sodom and Gomorrah.”

Rabbi Levin told CNSNews that his fellow rabbis and hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Jews–are confused at the Obama’s choice of Ms. Kagan.

“What exactly was Obama thinking, President Obama thinking, when he nominated Kagan? Because eventually, down the road, someone–or some group–is going to ‘take the hit’ for the crazy decisions that Kagan is bound to make. So we would have much preferred if President Obama had given this ‘distinction’ to another minority group, instead of singling out the Jews.”

He added: “We feel that Elena Kagan turns traditional Judaism on its head–from a concept of a nation of priests and holy people, she is turning it into, ‘Let’s homosexualize every segment of society. And by the way, partial-birth babies have no right to be delivered.’”

Ms. Kagan served in the past year as Mr. Obama’s solicitor general. In this capacity, she advocated for the U.S. government in cases before the court she now wants to join.

If appointed, she would be the first new member of the Supreme Court in almost 40 years who has never been a judge.

A poised Elena Kagan spent the second day of her Supreme Court confirmation hearing fending off Republican efforts to paint her as a liberal activist. She insisted that she’d be a fair, open-minded justice and refused to call herself a “legal progressive.”

“I honestly don’t know what that label means,” she said.

However, when Ms. Kagan was asked later where she stood politically, she said she’d been a Democrat all her life and that ”my political views are generally progressive.”

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  1. The rabbi wants to know what Obama was thinking by appointing this bimbo, one of his cronies, to the highest court in the land. Anyone with half a brain would know – to reshape America in his own Communist image. Had he looked to Obama’s voting record as a U.S. and state senator, he wouldn’t have asked the keenly obvious question. Anyone believing Kagan would be fair and open-minded, I have a Dubai bridge to sell you. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate needs to be buried in calls, letters and e-mails of mass opposition if liberty means anything any more.

  2. I don’t understand why deliberately trying to deceive the Senate isn’t grounds for dismissal of a nominee.
    Clearly she has.

    “I honestly don’t know what that label means,” she said.

    Kiss my butt, comrade.

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