'Evil prevails when good men do nothing'.

A positive outcome – no one is without excuse!

By: Mark Tronson/thanks to Mullah

There was something very positive about the publicity surrounding the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir who met in Sydney 3-4 July weekend and it’s from the horse’s mouth. Indeed, they are, who they say they are, and it’s out in the open.

Chicago: Marriott hosting terror-linked Hizb ut-Tahrir conference, again (video)

It is all very positive, as now, no politician, no commentator, no citizen (of whatever religion) can ever say they were not warned. Hiz ut-Tahrir’s (HT) set out its objectives clearly and definitively.

Yes, it’s true, they are on a pathway of destruction of all those who do not hold their (religious – political) views, including our western way of life in exchange for an Islamic transnational state run by themselves following their interpretation of Islamic Sharia law.

A feature article in The Australian by respected journalist Sally Neighbour gives the full frightening rendition.

Muslims told to shun democracy
They have called on Australian Muslims to join their struggle, to show absolute disdain on democracy. Sally Neighbour quoted a non-Muslim attendant at the conference, Ervin Zurell, who provoked mild consternation among the audience when he asked why Muslims don’t “go back to the country you came from”. Afterwards Mr Zurell said it was ‘unbelievable” and “frightening”.

This is all very positive as we’re no longer blind to the threat. A female HT delegate, Reem Allouche, said that this is a struggle between two ways of life, two competing ideologies, two civilisations.

Australian HT official, Wassim Dourehi said Muslims in the West must be at the vanguard of the push for a caliphate, which would govern all Muslim majority countries and lands that were previously under Islamic rule, such as Spain and The Philippines.

He implored the audience to spurn the concept of moderate Islam promoted by governments in the West, including Australia, described as “this godforsaken country”.

Moreover, it’s fascinating the organisers chose Sydney as the venue for this vilification of everything non-Islamist. If it had been held in Victoria, one would hope that the same laws that slammed two Christian pastor’s for reading out the Koran’s more alarmist directions to its followers, would have also ‘pinged’ Hizb ut-Tahrir.

They are after young Australian Muslim’s hearts and minds. Many concerned Christians have been aware of these issues, but for many others it was, until now, all very confusing. Now, Hizb ut-Tahrir and their followers have drawn a world view for everyone to see, and how positive is that! Now we know from the horse’s mouth!

Moreover, it’s all in the ‘American Thinker’, an article by Janet Levy’s titled The narrative of defeat”.

Alan Jones the Sydney Radio 2GB morning talk back host recently interviewed Janet Levy. Janet Levy describes a parallel with WWII, that one could not differentiate between the good and bad German. The politic had to be raised to the ground.

Janet Levy interview on threat of spread of Islam: 2gb Australian Radio Alan Jones

Yet, as a follower of Christ, my commitment is to love those who despise me, and have the indwelling Spirit of Christ in my life. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will speak into the hearts of those who as yet have not recognised the Salvation of the Lord through Jesus’ death on the Cross and His resurrection the third day.

At the same time there are Scriptures that provide an action response to: ‘evil prevails when good men do nothing’.

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