France Parliament Votes Unanimously For Burqa Ban

Stay tuned for carbeques & riots, something that doesn’t ‘stigmatize’ Muslims!

PARIS AP — France’s lower house of parliament has approved a ban on burqa-like Islamic veils, a move that is popular among French voters despite serious concerns from Muslim groups and human rights advocates.

There were 336 votes for the bill and just one against at the National Assembly. Most members of the main opposition group, the Socialist Party, refused to participate in the vote.

Following Tuesday’s vote, the ban on face-covering veils will go in September to the Senate, where it also is likely to pass. Its biggest hurdle will likely come after that, when France’s constitutional watchdog scrutinizes it.

The main body representing French Muslims says face-covering veils are not required by Islam, and it worries that the law will stigmatize all Muslims.

“Not required” but then they are fanatical enough to riot and kill for it. And then they whine about being ‘stigmatized?’ What kind of  queer and twisted  logic is that?

But that would put France on a collision course with the EUnion, which in and of itself would be fun and more then a little interesting to watch.

Klein Verzet adds this:

In the mean time, support for the burqa ban comes from some unexpected quarters. ViaEuropeNews we learn about Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian-born journalist who calls herself “a liberal, a Muslim and a feminist”. And a staunch supporter of the ban:

I support banning the burqa because I believe it equates piety with the disappearance of women. The closer you are to God, the less I see of you — and I find that idea extremely dangerous. It comes from an ideology that basically wants to hide women away. What really strikes me is that a lot of people say that they support a woman’s right to choose to wear a burqa because it’s her natural right. But I often tell them that what they’re doing is supporting an ideology that does not believe in a woman’s right to do anything. We’re talking about women who cannot travel alone, cannot drive, cannot even go into a hospital without a man with them.

Mrs. Eltahawy could teach our home-grown ‘feminists’ (which for all intents and purposes are just the female variety of cultural marxists hell bent on the destruction of Western Civilization) a thing or two about what it truly means to stand up for women.

7 thoughts on “France Parliament Votes Unanimously For Burqa Ban”

  1. The last thing anyone needs are “black & blue ” reminders of the oppression of women by islam.

    There should be no place in a free society for the “slave sacks”.

    And there should be no allowance for a tiny minority of people to be able to legally disguise their identity.

  2. And those muslims that decide to riot tonight, or on any night, should be terminated by the police and army. Enough is Enough!!

  3. Speaking as a “western feminist”, we ARE AGAINST all inequality, including the necessity to hide behind a portable curtain.
    We also oppose the burka, hujab etc. for its negative influence on children and we oppose hiding one’s face in general, with the exception of large sunglasses outside on a sunny day.

  4. “Most members of the main opposition group, the Socialist Party, refused to participate in the vote.”

    At least we’ll know who to hang…

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