From Baboons to Butts….

“Nobody likes me, no one understands me” Obama: Israelis Don’t Like Me Cuz My Middle Name Is “Hussein”

Baboon executed, but Charlie Johnson prattles on…..

Another cocksucker goes down: Mark Deli Siljander

Former Congressman Pleads Guilty in Terrorism Finance Case/Siljander is Debbie Schlussel’s former boss.

Eye on the world:

Turkey: 28 al-Qaeda members arrested

Too radical for  radical Turkey?

The police found in the homes of some the accused a pistol and a CD with photos of terrorist training camps on it. The suspects are expected to be charged on attempting to enlist new members into the terror organization.    More…

All puffed up Hezbollah: Israel will suffer high losses in the next war

(JPost) Israel will suffer tremendous casualties in another war, Hizbullah’s deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said on Friday in an interview with Syrian television cited by Press TV. More…

So wearing a hijab is a basic human right?

(Chechnya) How often have you come across a story where a Muslim woman is taking somebody to court over her right to cover her face/head/body?

In Islamic countries women are losing (or have lost) the fight not to be oppressed. In Western ones Islamic women fight for the right to be oppressed.  Meanwhile, the bBC hides the true story by centering on the reaction to the reaction.

Stoning is also a basic human right: Iranian Woman Faces Death by Stoning

Moroccan Muslim man is denied French citizenship for refusing to shake hands with French female official Back in 2008, a Muslim woman (also a Moroccan) was denied citizenship after she was deemed too submissive to be French“.

Jihad dentist in trouble with the law… again

(UK) Omar Butt just can’t get over the fact that he lives in the UK and not in some Islamic tribal society where the will of devout Islamists rule the roost. Which may help explain how he keeps getting into trouble with the old bill and where, thanks to our human rights laws (Muslims can only be victims), he keeps getting let off… scot-free.

Tingles: perhaps it was no thrill up his legs, after all…?