Germany threatens Zimbabwe after German-owned farm seized

Remember: its not racism when blacks do it to whites. Its racism when whites demand that blacks protect their property…..

Germany’s government says it will cut off aid to Zimbabwe unless illegal and violent occupiers leave a farm owned by a German national.

Times Live

In a Friday protest note to the Zimbabwe foreign ministry, Germany noted the occupation of the eastern Zimbabwe property owned by German investor Heinrich von Pezold violated a decade-old investment agreement between the two countries.

Germany said the farm seizure and looting of the property could imperil aid. Last year, Germany gave US50 million to the southern African country.

A South African farmers’ support group also protested the arrest Thursday of South African Mike Odendaal for allegedly not vacating his farm in south-eastern Zimbabwe.

6 thoughts on “Germany threatens Zimbabwe after German-owned farm seized”

  1. Germany simply should compensate the farmer with the aid money and burn the entire farm – along with any occupiers- to the ground, leaving it uninhabitable for decades. Win win for the German people. No financial loss for the farmer, no more aid taken from German taxpayers for Zimbabwe. Rest in peace, Zimbabwe.

  2. wtd, a lot of these farmers have owhere to go to. They are driven from their farms, which their ancestors have built. Their way of living and their homes are taken away. Where should they go to? to Germany?

  3. Silly comments.Germany can keep their aid if they plan to use it as a means to control our internal policies,what the hell do you mean they have no place to go,let them go back to GERMANY MY FRIEND.

  4. Thanks for that, kudadex.

    Thanks for confirming that no investment is guaranteed in Mugabes paradise and that no agreement with Africans is worth the paper it is written on.

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