5 thoughts on “Gillard makes you think today’s boats were filled with Jews, rather than Muslims”

  1. Actually, that’s a good idea. Put out claims that Jews are behind it and Labour will rush to stop it. Dullard, you’re a genius! LOL!

  2. Send them to East Timor? Absolute stupidity!
    I am sure the East Timorese would be delighted to host the Australia and New Zealands muslim invaders considering what happened to them under the Indonesian islamists? They are still trying to rebuild and get their stolen kids back from Java to this day.

    How can all Australia’s politicians be so far out of touch with the general populations concerns? I weep.

  3. PM Howard, the Australian Military along with the help of a few US Aircraft Carriers anchored off the coast of East Timor convinced the Islamic occupiers to leave, to go home back to Indonesian.
    Now Gillard wants to re colonize East Timore with Islamist “refugees” I can just hear the East Timorese jumping for joy at the prospect of having thousands of un restrained Afghanistan Taliban supporters and apologists running freely in the community before they choose to stay or move to Australia after the UN and the ALP rubber stamp their refugee status.

    Interesting that Lowy AFTER Fighting FOR Israel came to Australia and has been success story to be admired and aspired to. (Westfield Shopping Centers owner)
    I wonder is Julia aware that the people she and her Union Funded Labor Party share the same ideology that Lowy and thousands like him risked their all fighting against before he came to Australia and that his enemy then is still his enemy today and that according to them their only purpose is to destroy Israel and the west at all and every opportunity.
    Maybe Lowy’s generous patronage, support of the ALP has earned him an exemption from the manifestations of the Love of Allah and it’s Godless followers.

  4. So Gillard will turn away applicants from Sri Lanka who are mainly Hindus but will accept Muslim Afghans into Austrailia. Hasn’t the PM read the Korna and the Hadiths. Muslims will never assimilate.

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