Greetings from Germany!

Some of our readers may have noticed that there were no updates for the last 30 hours, which can happen when the sheik goes on a magic carpet ride and crosses the oceans, just to go on another fact finding tour. Here’s our second post from the old continent:

A picture from the English Garden in Munich, which is world famous for sun-hungry vixens. (People tell me they come out whenever the sun shines…)  Lately one can witness cultural & moral advancement in the form of  progressive black  shrouds,  likely to replace the immoral, unhealthy behavior of these misguided natives within  10 years, perhaps sooner, inshallah!

Moderne trifft Steinzeit im Englischen Garten (from PI, in German)

In other news:

Rene Stadtkewitz,  the politician who invited Geert Wilders to speak in Berlin, is likely to be expelled from the Christian Democrats who are neither Christian or democratic, something the Bunglawussi blog advertises as: Islamophobic politician faces expulsion over invitation to Wilders

Rene Stadtkewitz, a Christian Democratic deputy in the legislature of Berlin state, was unrepentant over his invitation to Wilders. He said they would meet October 2 to share views on how to fight political Islam. He gave no details of any public appearances.

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) of Chancellor Angela Merkel is an opposition party in the Berlin regional legislature. The city and suburbs constitutes one of Germany’s 16 states.

Frank Henkel, caucus leader of the city CDU, said he would expel Stadtkewitz from the caucus if he did not call off the Wilders visit. “I won’t cancel the invitation to Wilders. That would go against my fundamental political convictions,” Stadtkewitz responded.

Stadtkewitz resigned his CDU party membership in 2009 in protest at a fellow member who has built bridges with city Muslims, but remains a member of the CDU caucus in the state legislature. He has campaigned against plans to build the newest mosque in the city. He has charged that the Merkel party is “too soft and too tolerant” towards “violence-prone, radical Muslims.”

Earth Times, 22 July 2010

From the GoV:

After weeks of insisting that Geert Wilders’ PVV would never participate in a coalition government, Dutch political leaders have changed their minds. Even Labour agrees that a VVD-PVV-CDA coalition may be in the cards.

It can’t come too soon, because the dhimmification of the Netherlands is proceeding rapidly: a hospital removed three paintings from its walls because they included depiction of pigs. It chose to take action after a single person — a non-Muslim — complained, saying that Muslims might become offended.


Muslims upset over pig picture in hospital, update:  Muslims are  upset the pig picture was removed


“Don’t worry, it will all blow over, eventually” Abdel Basset Zitouni tells ‘youths’ who can’t find work. Not that it could possibly have anything to do with the ongoing carbeques, robberies, serial rapes or the almost 800 ‘no go zones’ around the ‘impoverished’ banlieus…..

The relatively uncommon burka is just one of the issues making things tense. ‘It’s like the Jew before,’ one businessman says of the prejudice. ‘It’s dangerous.’

The Jews, however, are on the run, everywhere where Mohammedans pitch their tents….  because genocidal Jew hatred is basic Islamic doctrine. Andrew Bostom explains here on  this video edited by Vlad Tepes:

Andrew Bostom: Understanding the Islam in Muslim Jew Hatred from Vlad Tepes on Vimeo.

Muslims in France feel the sting of discrimination”/LA Times

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  1. That picture says it all really, about how incompatible islam is with the European and Western lifestyles. The white women in the picture look absolutely terrified, and rightfully so. If you cannot see a person’s entire face, I believe you cannot trust them at all. Reading a person’s facial expressions as you talk to them is crucial, it allows you to tell how genuine and honest a person is.

    There must be a Europe-wide ban on the freedom-sack!

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