Happy 4th of July, America!

Shrillary Clinton (“if it moves we tax it”) Institutes Citizenship Renunciation Fee

Just wondering: wouldn’t it be fair to also levy $ 450.00 dollars per head on each illegal immigrant the Obambi administration is  trying to naturalize to ensure their stranglehold on power? That’s 15 million times 450  dollars = 6.75 billion dollars compared to what exactly?

Meanwhile, the Islamization of America continues a pace:

This year, ISNA is feeling emboldened. The speaker lineup reads like a who’s who of Islamist infiltrators and their dhimmi enablers. For starters, check out the animated gif on the main page featuring: Creeping Sharia has the story

ISNA’s annual convention, over July 4th, a Who’s Who of Islamist’s and jihad supporters/Pamela is enraged: the enormous Muslim Brotherhood ISNA convention being held this July 4th weekend is insulting and offensive to me as an American. It is no accident that ISNA, the Muslim Brotherhood,  schedules its supremacist conference on the birthday of our nation…..

Remember what the Declaration of Independence Was All About?

4 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July, America!”

  1. Muslims always have their military strategy meeting during July 4th, Easter, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Christmas. They spit at the jahiliyah holidays of the kafirs. We are scum and they are here to destroy us. Our govt is evil and conspires with them to destroy us.

  2. I believe the DEEM’o’cratic Party have a new song.

    It goes like this:-

    To Deem the impossible Deem
    To fight the UN NAMEABLE Foe
    To go where the Messiah beckons
    And approves every lie that they sow

    This is my quest this is my motto
    To DEEM what I can and to hell with tomorrow

  3. Muslims plan for 4th of July as an insult in the same way that they plan the Cordoba House at Ground Zero as an insult to the lives lost in 9/11.
    There is no respect in Islam…only insult.

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