Hearing Voices

Muhammad, profit of Islam, claimed he heard voices in his head and invented a religion.

Omar, son of terror chief  Osama bin Laden, also hears a voice in his head and claims its his daddy talking to him: Bin Laden’s Son Admitted to Psych Hospital for hearing voices….. (Thanks to the RoP)

Marriage breakdown: Omar Bin Laden and his wife Zaina, from Cheshire, split after he began to hear his father’s voice in his head

Mohammedans, those who are afflicted with what we know as “Sudden Jihad Syndrome” often claim they hear voices in their heads before they  kill unbelievers. Some have claimed  hearing voices before killing their teenage daughters for not choosing to wear the freedom sack.

Now we have the son of jihadist head honcho Osama bin Laden who hears his daddy’s voice in his head, which prompted his wife to take flight:

The son of Osama Bin Laden and his British wife have split up after he began to hear his father’s voice in his head, it has emerged.

Daily Mail has the full story

One thought on “Hearing Voices”

  1. Schisophrenia. People who hear voices usually suffer from this. In the Ancient world people who claimed to hear voices were something to be feared. Greek women delivering so call messages to the followers were listened to no matter how stupid the message was and tried to make sense of it. Modern historians believe the cause of their hearing voices and messages was caused by gases seeping through fissures and having a toxic effect on these women. In other words they went nutty under the influence of the gas.

    Joan of Arc was another to hear the voices and was probably affected with the dreadful disease of schizophrenia. Today we know that smoking dope at a young age will predispose the user to the terrible disease. However in Joan’s time when doctors had never heard of the disease were at a loss to know why these people had this “gift” which usually ended in being a curse – they were very often burned at the stake.

    And poor old Mohomad must have been affected too. We know Islam has the “no sense of humour” gene, as well as the “intermarriage” gene and the “brutality” gene and the “paedophilia” gene, in fact they have all the bad stuff. It is not a big shift to understand that the twit Mohomad heard voices. And such nasty voices too and that this band of illiterate followers would believe whatever he said. The madman had presented them with an alternative to peace and love and we know it as moronic Islam.

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