How come they don't celebrate diversity in Pakistan?

Allah hates competition:

Ahmadis branded as heretics, viciously persecuted in Pakistan

The Ahmadis are the strange  people who believe that Eating Pork makes you Homosexual …

“Pakistan sect endures persecution,” by Alex Rodriguez (who seems to feel sorry for them) in the Los Angeles Times, via Jihad Watch

No Pakistani minority is as victimized as the country’s 4 million Ahmadis, who believe in Islam but are viewed by the rest of the country as heretics. Because they revere another prophet as well as the prophet Muhammad, the Pakistani government has declared Ahmadis “non-Muslims,” made it a crime for members to refer to their places of worship as mosques and even barred them from extending the common Muslim greeting, salaam aleykum. More

Some comments,  just so that no one can accuse us of being “out of context:”

Crusader sez:

Ahmedis arrive in Europe and North America and claim refugee status as non-muslim. Once they have their paper work approved, they claim that they are muslims. Ahmedis are extremely anti Christian but they love to move to western countries. As a Pakistani Christian I personally know Ahmedis who reside in Canada and USA but love Pakistan with great convictions. As a Pakistani Christian I call Pakistan a “Hell Hole” and on the flip side have never witnessed a Ahmedi showing negative sentiments towards Pakistan. Infact, one Ahmedi person told me he likes laws of Saudi Arabia in terms of dealing with thieves (cutting off hands he meant).

Hugh Fitzgerald:

In Pakistan one can offer a hierarchy of violence, and of its Muslim perpetrators and their victims

On the top are Sunni Muslims. No one persecutes them, though some of the rich landowners and military men are disturbed to discover, as in Swat, that the local Taliban has a distinctly los-de-abajo land-redistribution element, and that of course effects their interests. It’s one thing to attack Americans — that’s just fine — or local non-Muslims — that’s fine too — but quite another to attack zamindars and generals.

Next are Shi’a Muslims, who are mocked by Sunni Muslims and humiliatied, in various ways by Sunnis, and even are the object of repeated murderous attack — on Shi’a mosques, schools, shrines, etc. — by Sunnis, especially those who are members of the Sunni terrorist group Sipah-e-Sahaba, the object of murderous attack.

Next are the Ahmadis, who are not allowed to identify themselves as Muslims, and are the object of persecution and humiliation as non-Muslims, at the hands of both Sunni Muslims and Shi’a Muslims.

Next, at the bottom, are the Christians and the Hindus (we hear almost nothing about the latter) and the few Sikhs who may be left. They live in permanent fear; they try to make as little noise as possible. They are subject to every conceivable indignity and cruelty. And we more and more hear, despite all this, about the use of blasphemy laws against Christians, the beating to death of Christian servants, the killing by police of Christians who have been taken into custody — in Islam a Muslim can take the Shari’a into his own hands, and carry out the Shari’a-required sentence, as he sees fit and will seldom, if ever, be punished.

That’s Pakistan. That’s the country that has received more than thirty billion dollars in American aid since 9/11/2001 alone (don’t be fooled by official reports — a lot of the aid is disguised in a larger Pentagon budget).

Pakistan is far less likely to give up, or modify, Islam, on the Kemalism plan, as neighboring Iran. For the Iranians have a prior, great, non-Islamic civilization to appeal to, to make part or all of their identity. But the Pakistanis have Islam, and nothing but Islam; they never consider what went on at Mohenjo-Daro, much less The Wonder That Was Bharat, at least before the Muslim invaders arrived to damage and kill and create what V. S. Naipaul rightly called “A Wounded Civilization.”

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  1. If eating pork makes you homosexual, it follows there would be very few Jewish homosexuals compared with the amount in the general community.

    I haven’t done a survey, but I don’t believe this is so. Of course, it could mean that many Jews eat pork, so become homosexuals along other Australians.
    There can’t possibly be another explanation.

    Funny how, even though different sects of Muslims happily kill each other, they unite in their hatred of Jews.

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