Is Banning The Burqa Enough?

Liberal senator Cory Bernardi calls for burqa ban (again)

LIBERAL senator Cory Bernardi has called for Australia to follow the lead of France and ban the burqa, describing it as “the most public symbol of fundamentalist Islam”.

H/T Dhumme Dhimmi

“It beggars belief that these civil rights activists don’t recognise that they are defending a political agenda that has the cessation of civil rights as its ultimate goal.”

“It is time we learned from the experience of the French, the Belgians, the Dutch, the Swiss and the British,” Senator Bernardi said.

“We need to stop the expansion of fundamentalist Islam in Australia lest we lose the foundation, the essence, the very culture of our great nation.” (Heraldsun)

Muslims find themselves in good company

Geert Wilders says, “DEPORTING MILLIONS OF MUSLIMS may be necessary.”

Barenaked presents:

DEJA VU? MUSLIMS were thrown out of Europe 400 years ago because they refused to assimmilate

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