Islam Blood & Guts

From Al Jizz:

Police killing sparks French riots

The best headline of the day. The police caused the riots!

Only from Al Jizzeera:

Riots have erupted in the French city of Grenoble after a local resident was killed in an exchange of gunfire with police. Rioters burned cars, attacked a tram and shops and shot at police in the suburb of La Villeneuve following a memorial service (that’s after the imam in the mosque fired the believers up for the following riots) for the man, who was “suspected” of robbing a casino in the city. Its all because of Poor suburbs”, of course….

Hundreds killed in Darfur fighting

From the RoP:

Taliban Dynamite Two ‘Spies’…

MIRANSHAH: The Taliban executed two men by strapping explosives to their bodies after accusing them of spying for the US in North Waziristan on Friday, security officials said. The public execution took place in a village near Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan, after the men were accused of spying for the US. “Taliban terrorists strapped explosive material to their bodies and blew them up publicly,” a local administrative official in Miranshah told AFP asking to remain anonymous. afp

Give me head till I’m dead:

Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter

Proof unwanted:

(Afghanistan) When a squad of Gurkhas was tasked with killing a local Taliban warlord, they were told to bring back proof that they had killed him. However, after doing the dirty deed, it appears the squad came under fire and instead of dragging the dead guy’s arse back to camp under fire, one bright spark took out his kukri, chopped off the head and took that back to camp as evidence. Unfortunately, his superiors at camp didn’t like how this soldier used his head to get a head, and had put him back on the next flight back to the UK. Because in doing so he offended the Islamic faith and how they like to bury the entire body of their dead.

Which has me asking the question: so why is it alright for Allah’s little helpers to behead people while uttering the name of their god?

Myself, I’d give the man (The Gurkha) a medal, promote him and have him go round British mosques and show the faithful just how he used his head in getting one over Terry The Headless Taliban. (Eyeontheworld blogspot)


Christian Children Hacked to Death in Nigeria…

Afghan Woman Told: Leave Job or Lose Head... (Progress  & Democracy Under Sharia in Afghanistan!)

Iran pastor facing execution

Apostates are living in fear for their lives, also, from Misunderstanders of the Religion of Peace. Islamic Tolerance Alert from the Islamic Republic of Iran: The Religion of Peace

Sunni Muslims ambush, murder 16 Shi’ite Muslims in Pakistan

Whodunnit!? Islamist Monitor takes a closer look: Murder Mysteries, Myths and Truth

Look at the AFP headline: “Gunmen kill 16 Shiite Muslims in Pakistan: officials.” Note how the mainstream media readily identifies the victims as Muslims, but not the perpetrators, even though they were just as Muslim as their victims, and were killing them at least in part because they regarded them as Rafidite dogs, heretics from the true Islam.

In the story also, the victims are again identified as “Shi’ite Muslims” and the violence described as “sectarian,” but the aggressors are identified only obliquely. Since the violence is “sectarian” and “the incident took place…in the Sunni dominated Charkhel area,” we can surmise that the murderers were “Sunni Muslims,” but they’re never identified as such.

This is of a piece with the mainstream media’s general tendency to whitewash violence committed by Muslims in the name of Islam. Muslims can only be victims. When they kill, they’re not Muslims anymore, they’re just “gunmen.”

“Gunmen kill 16 Shiite Muslims in Pakistan: officials,” from AFP/via Jihad Watch

4 thoughts on “Islam Blood & Guts”

  1. Well there you go, shows who has the most balls in all of this, the Ghurkas. The Army prides itsels on the saying, Improvise, adapt and overcome, the feller who necked that Telly tubby filled the above criteria to a T..

    Now no doubt the bloody gutless Brit Government will pay a huge Jizya payment to the TellyTubbies and take this Ghurkas entitlements away from him.

    If anything the Ghurkas should be given the green light to waste every single one of them murderous bastards with any means possible.

    Strike fear into the heart of the TellyTubbies. GHURKA on the way.

  2. Agreed Ironside,
    I think this particular soldier deserves our protection. A quick note to the politicians: we are in a war with islam – we do not and should not respect islamic burial rites – every muslim terrorist we kill helps protect the lives of unarmed civilians and our soldiers. If you are against termination of terrorists and utter and total subjugation of the islamist terror regimes …. resign.

  3. kaw,
    Agreed, I piss on the Islamic burial rites. They don’t give a shyte about anyone elses rights.

    I’d love to see the ex-Ghurkas brought to the West (Australia) especially. I have so much ‘admiration’ for them lads they are an ASSET to the forces. The ADF sure could do with them as training DS .

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