"Islam-hater with strong racist views" comes to Sweden

I have yet to meet somebody from Sweden who gets it. These people are so befuddled with their multiculturally enriched Socialist paradise that they’d rather commit mass suicide  than admit that there is something wrong with the Mohammedan destruction of their country.

Read it and weep:

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch is currently visiting Sweden at the invitation of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats). A Swedish reader has kindly translated an article from Aftonbladet about Mr. Spencer’s visit.

Why is Spencer Laughing?

Pamela Geller:

I love the laugh. It’s like Mona Lisa’s Cheshire smile. Caption this! I say Spencer is laughing at the assclowns who have turned their once lovely and free nation over to supremacists, oppressors and haters. I mean, how funny is that?

Note the very unflattering photo of the “Islamophobe” that the newspaper chose to post with its article. No media bias there — just the facts, ma’am.

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

7 thoughts on “"Islam-hater with strong racist views" comes to Sweden”

  1. You know, Sweden is like England. If they are hellbent to destroy their civilization, why should we try so hard to stop them? I know we must, but it is frustrating to see the voters vote in the same destructive politicians over and over again, who pass hate speech laws to suppress criticism of them and Islam, who blow the voters’ money importing an alien aggressive and intolerant culture. It is staggering. In America, we voted in a leftist and closet Muslim and his party, the Democrats, have become incredibly destructive, but I believe our voters will not tolerate their insanity.

  2. I dunno, I think Spencer looks kind of endearing.

    And certainly the hypocrisy of the the cult of islam provides many a good guffaw.

  3. Very well! Let’s see who gets the last laugh when they get to know Mr Spencer. Here, a different photo of the handsome, on the “Politically Incorrect” Swedish blog.


    As a footnote on this blog, a Mohammed Kharraki was invited to debate with Robert Spencer right after his speech in Almedalen, but declined the invitation on the motivation that Spencer “is lying”.

    “Mohammed Kharraki har för övrigt erbjudits att debattera om islam med Robert Spencer direkt efter hans tal i Almedalen. Han avböjde med motiveringen att Spencer ”ljuger””

  4. Chilean refugee and member of Parliament
    is fleeing Sweden because of multiculturalism

    The highly profiled and respected Swedish politician Mauricio Rojas is originally a political refugee from Chile, now fleeing Sweden for Spain, after the untolerable multicultural political climate in Sweden.

    Mauricio Rojas is the one who was not afraid of speaking up to Sweden’s suicidal attitude to multiculture. He had to pay a high price for this outspokenness and willingness to point out the facts.

    As an opponent to Pinochet’s fascism, Rojas left Chile in 1974. Rojas was even close to becoming a candidate for the Swedish moderate government. Now, this highly regarded Man(…!) is being forced to leave Sweden, and it’s a political scandal nobody wants to talk about. And, of course, a huge defeat for Sweden and for multiculture.

    “At the end, I couldn’t even go shopping with my family without guards from the Swedish security police, Säpo, and I needed a bodyguard when I went to vote.”


    “Till sist kunde jag inte ens gÃ¥ och handla med familjen utan att ha vakt frÃ¥n Säpo, och jag fick ha livvakt när jag gick och röstade.”

    “Ett av citaten kom ifrÃ¥n tidigare riksdagspolitikern Mauricio Rojas (fp), bördig frÃ¥n Chile. Han fick betala ett högt pris när han ensam kritiserade den förda invandringspolitiken – han tvingades själv lämna Sverige.”

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