Islam Means Peace, Right…?

No it doesn’t.

It means SUBMISSION.  And all those who don’t follow the “correct” Islam are the enemies of Allah, that’s why they must be killed.

From our my Allah is better than yours” department:

Gunmen stormed the house of a Sufi Muslim cleric in Iraq’s western Anbar province, killing four people and wounding at least six others, police said.

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The cleric was not harmed in the assault.

Sufism, a branch of Islam associated with contemplation, is found in many parts of the Muslim world. It places a greater focus on prayer and recitation and its followers have tended to stay out of politics.  (Reuters)

Allah needs blood. Every Day:

BAQUBA – At least 11 people were killed in bomb and gun attacks in Iraq on Tuesday, including three by a device which blew up in a mock coffin during a demonstration, security officials said. (ME Online)

Afghan attacks kill 8 US soldiers in 24 hours

Deadly attack hits Iraqi capital

Senior Sunni cleric killed in western Iraq

Car bomb kills 7 in Iraq’s Kirkuk

2 thoughts on “Islam Means Peace, Right…?”

  1. Similarly ‘Allahu Ackbar” which Mohammedans chant repetitively hundreds of times a day and shout as they blow themselves and others up means not “God is Great’ as moonbats STUPIDLY chose to believe and for which crass STUPIDITY Mohammedans are very grateful and do nothing to put them right. It actually means ‘MY God is the GREATEST’ which is a horse of a completely different colour which betrays both Islams Polytheistic roots and its desire for dominance.

  2. It is painfully obvious that Allah despite Mohammedan protest is not the same God as the Judeo/Christian God.

    Allah pre ordains EVERYTHING about your life according to HIM in HIS self claimed ‘ACTUAL UNALTERABLE” words that is the KORAN. He even ORDAINS if you will believe in him or not. Then this vengeful, spiteful, wicked , evil, illogical Allah says he will punish the unbelievers that HE HIMSELF created in eternal hellfire renewing and burning off your skin again and again BECAUSE you dont believe in him.

    Thats not a God thats a Satanic evil sadist creating beings simply to torture them in hell.

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