Islamization Express

Gates of Vienna:

It’s been a busy week with regards to Islam and Norway.

Norway made jihad-related news twice last week, first with the torching of an asylum center — populated mainly by illegal Muslim immigrants — and secondly with the arrest of three suspected Al Qaeda terrorists. Read further…

Islam in Europe:

Norway: Hizb ut-Tahrir members given asylum

At least six Uzbeks and Uighur were given residence permits in Norway in recent years due to their links to the radical Islamist party Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Two Uighur brothers whose asylum request had been rejected were granted residence by the appeals board in October 2003. The Central-Asian Uighurs risked persecution due to their links to Hizb ut-Tahrir. Read more »

Resistance Spotted:

Netherlands: Bus driver refuses service to woman in niqab

A bus driver in the Dutch city of Uden prevented a 19 year old woman from getting on his bus because she was wearing a nikab. The Connexxion bus company does not approve of the driver’s behavior and apologized to the woman’s husband. Read more »

No Commitment:

Netherlands: ‘Moroccan-municipalities’ not committing to goals

To do so would mean honoring agreements with the filthy kufars. That’s un-Islamic….

14 of the 22 ‘Moroccan-municipalities’ don’t want to commit to clear goals on reducing the crime rate, dropout-rate and unemployment of Moroccan-Dutch youth.
Outgoing minister Van Middelkoop (Integration) will now settle for the promise that the municipalities will ‘ensure a downwards trend in the over-representation of Moroccan-Dutch youth in school dropout, unemployment and crime [rates] within two and a half years.’ Read more »

Cutting their own throats: Dutch municipality funding Sharia website

Suicidal dhimmitude. “Nijmegen Municipality Maintains Subsidy for Sharia Website,” from NIS News

4 thoughts on “Islamization Express”

  1. A sentence from ‘Islam in Europe ‘

    ‘Having a background in Islamist movements can in itself be reason to receive a residence permit in Norway.’

    So we save other countries from their islamists and take them ourselves in the west so they can be a burden for us .
    This insanity is now the norm all over Europe .

  2. How did we the West get so stupid? Multiculturalism is a brain wasting disease, that must be it.

  3. John,
    I blame the Left/Greens for the soft headed approach to appeasing these scumbags. Anarchists don’t care about the future they only care how they can f*** the world today.

  4. John,
    Without wishing to sound paranoid, so many circumstances have occurred to give the left power that there can be no coincidences. I suspect that we are seeing the fruition of a long term political strategy that has been active for at least two generations now – and since the muslim hordes are simply violent dumb scum I now wonder if the USSR ever really died.

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