6 thoughts on “Jailhouse Rock”

  1. What a fancy jail, like 4 stars hotel, honestly this is crazy terrorists will enjoy a new home

  2. Three AQ members arrested
    on Thursday in Norway

    Press conference in Oslo 30 minutes from now, 1130 local time, European time. Live? Check http://www.vg.no/

    Bomb attacks to have been planned for New York and Great Britain.
    Cooperation between American and Norwegian security led to the arrest of the three AQ members this morning.

    – Talking of terrorists, Jacqueline

  3. The three terrorists

    One Uighur, Norwegian citizen since 2007
    Second, Iraqi, to Norway in 1999, humanitarian grounds, granted permanent stay
    Third is Uzbeqi, came to Norway in 2002 as asylum seeker. Was first denied, later got permission to stay in the country due to family reunification

  4. The Iraqi Kurd leader of the violence and fire at Lier asylum seekers’ cemter, close to Oslo, now in court

    – Racist! to the female judge
    and furthermore, he shouted
    – Heil Hitler! in court.

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