Jihad Monkeys: Do They Also Get 72 Virgins?

Atlas Shrugs:  Martyrs Shortage

Looks like the brave mujaheddin aren’t too eager to become ‘martyrs’ after all:

Jihad Monkeys

Taliban terrorists have a secret weapon to destroy the infidel American enemy — monkey marksmen.

According to The People’s Daily in China, the Taliban in Afghanistan is “training monkeys to use weapons to attack American troops.”

No Virgins, not yet:

A GANG of British Muslims were each jailed for at least 20 years yesterday for attempting to blow up planes.

Arafat Waheed Khan, 28, Waheed Zaman, 25, and Ibrahim Savant, 29, were part of a terror cell which planned to kill thousands.   It would have caused Britain’s worst peacetime atrocity, but the plot was smashed in a massive £110million police operation four years ago. (20 years for UK 9/11 plot/Daily Star)

No Martyrs on Gaza Bound Libyan Ship?

A Libyan aid ship originally destined for Gaza last night appeared to sidestep a direct confrontation with the Israeli military, after reports it was being diverted to Egypt. Israel had warned it would try to board the ship, just six weeks after its commandos killed nine activists on a Turkish flotilla trying to reach the Palestinian territory.  (Telegraph UK)

Foreign Reports: Libyan Flotilla Ship contacted by IDF

Meanwhile here’s a video of passenger on Amalthea stating he wants to die as a Shahid. Sound familiar?    (Hattip: MereRhetoric/via Muqata)

Jihadist On Libyan Gaza-Bound Ship: “We’d Love To Die As Shahids” [Video]

Libya has apparently decided that, if they’re going to have a seat on the UN Human Rights Council, they’re going to own it. So in between using the UNHRC to spread antisemitic organ harvesting libels,they’ve dispatched a ship in the direction of Gaza. This is actually the second time in three years that they’ve tried to break the Israeli blockade, the intention being to establish a pipeline between Hamas and their Tehran sponsors and to build an Iranian port on the Mediterranean Sea. Because the Iranians, they’re humanitarians too.

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  1. There may be a shortage of martyrs, but the monkeys are all employed as diversity officers, or living on grants from centres of excellence in muslim studies.

  2. You want to die as matyrs muslims?? Go and commit suicide – stop pestering the rest of us!!

  3. The Pakis are now blaming India for drying rivers – another bleeding hearts story from the BBC.

  4. all we can do is to know that everything they say is a lie. nothing will ever surprise. Turn a deaf ear to them. They are too stupid for words. they blame anyone for anything. They are perfect – we dont deserve life. so what’s the problem? Chuck them out and send them back. We dont need this crap. We should be having happy lives, not being persecuted by Islam. turds!

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