Just like Muhammad

“Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them” Qur’an (9:5)

A church leader portrays the grim situation on the ground in Iraq, where Muslim ‘extremists’ are finishing what Muhammad started. Disappearing Christians of Iraq (DayPress)

“Extraordinary healing powers”

Muslim guru hears voices, sacrifices 18-month old child

‘During questioning, he said he had a dream and heard a voice saying he would get extraordinary healing powers if he sacrificed a male child,’ Mr Murugesan said.

Gafoor, aided by a female accomplice, had collected a bottle of the child’s blood and then buried the torso, after which he performed various rituals before throwing the bottle into the sea. (Straights Times)

“The right to cover your face in public is not a fundamental human right. The right to equality is.” ‘Right’ to Wear Burqa Wearing Thin (Daily Express)

America Plays the Fool in Pakistan’s Double Game(RoP)

A government that thinks Islam has nothing to do with Islamic terrorism manages to make an even bigger fool out of itself. When confronted with the truth about their own incompetence  and treason,  leftist subversives like Peter King (D-congressman) froth from the mouth and want to murder the messenger:

The ranking Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee has called for the prosecution of the source of the Wikileaks controversy, saying that the leak amounts to a treasonous act and has put the lives of Americans at risk. (The Hill)

Lockerbie hearing postponed after several witnesses ‘stonewalled’

Obambi & the disappearing billions: How much went to the jihad? U.S. can’t find $8.7 billion in Iraq funds

Winning hearts and minds. None could have gone to the jihad, you say? And why not, exactly? What effective safeguards were in place to ensure that those who received money in Iraq had no sympathies for the jihad? With the U.S. government in massive denial about the nature of the jihad doctrine and Islamic supremacism itself, it is nothing short of inconceivable that any such safeguards were in place. “Audit: US cannot account for $8.7B in Iraqi funds,” by Tarek El-tablawy for AP via JW

Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) has postponed a hearing on the release of the Lockerbie bomber because of what he described as stonewalling by the British and Scottish governments.

Menendez had originally scheduled a hearing for Thursday to investigate whether BP had any role in the release of Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, who was freed last year on the grounds of deteriorating health.  Lockerbie hearing postponed after several witnesses ‘stonewalled’ (The Hill)

Oliver Twist-ed: Stone’s Sick Career Needs to End Tonight!

And You thought “Jews control the media…?”

Yesterday,  major Hollywood movie producer  Oliver Stone accused Jews of running U.S. foreign policy and the media . He also claimed they… » /Boehner rips Oliver Stone for ‘hateful’ comment about Jews, Israel

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  1. * Muslim guru hears voices, sacrifices 18-month old child

    Moloch strikes again.

  2. Today is the 27th of July 2010. Please remember this date when the things which you are about to read come to pass. The year 2012 is the closing days of Grace that Almighty God has allocated for this earth. The world will then know Obama for who he really is. All the speculation that is going on today will eventually become clear as Obama is installed as the leader of the new world government. Yes, Obama is the anti-christ.

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