Koran Rage Fabricated

Works like a charm: claims of a torn Koran, Moe-toons or fake Koran “down the toilet” incidents bring out what Churchill called the “fanatical frenzy which is more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog”: claims of ‘torn Koran’ brings out Rage Boy mobs in droves:

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Another fake hate crime has just been debunked: No Discrimination Found in UK Bus Incident – Veiled Passengers Were Abusive toward Driver… (Unfortunately the UK  dhimmi government  didn’t book the Muselmaniacs for causing the offense…)

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People in southern Afghanistan have protested against US-led NATO forces over desecration of the Mohammedan holy book of Koran.  Afghans angry over Quran desecration

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Mullah Omar: killing women & children okay when Muslims do it, bad when infidels cause collateral damage: Mullah Omar Changes Mind About Killing Afghan Women…

Jailed for harbouring bombers

[Straits Times] AN INDONESIAN woman was sentenced to three years in jail on Thursday for sheltering and assisting terrorists involved in suicide bomb attacks on two Jakarta hotels last year.

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  1. You think that is bad…watch Rick Sanchez today!
    We may see a “Qur’an-o-clast” right on CNN.

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