Londonistan: Attempted Honor Killing of Harry Potter Muslim Actress

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I know you been waiting for this one:

Harry Potter actress’s father & brother charged with threat to kill her

Da Vinci sent this outrageous update to the attempted Islamic honor killing of Muslim actress of the Harry Potter film.How much more in the mainstream can you get? Despite who she is, the celebrity of the victim, still the dhimmedia shills, aids, abets, and covers for islamic misogyny.  In addition to the Daily Mail’s inhumanity in speaking of the religious motivation of this gender apartheid, more galling and proof of this Islamic practice is the  family’s concern, not with their Afshan, but with “what the Muslim community will think.” This is their only worry and obsession:

The Muslim actress who plays ‘Padma’ in the Harry Potter films has fled her home in Manchester, England after her father and brother tried to kill her. The father and brother have since been charged with attempted murder (with the brother also being charged with physically assaulting his sister);  She’s going to need some hiding because both the father and brother have now been released on bail. In the meantime, the young girl, Afshan Azad, 22, has fled to London to stay with friends.

That last part – ‘contact an unnamed man’ gives the grisly clue to what triggered the murderous rage of the father and brother.  The ‘unnamed man’ is clearly someone whom the young actress had been seeing.  As a result of her association, the father and brother tried to kill her.  In short, this was an attempted Muslim ‘honor killing’.

Read the whole thing at The Daily Maill

But the Daily Mail flatly refuses to state this obvious fact. You can read their article from top to bottom but not a single word of it identifies the father and brother’s murderous attack for what it is – an attempted honor killing.  It gets worse – the Daily Mail won’t even identify the father and brother as Muslim.  Why?  It’s because the Daily Mail, like the media worldwide, quakes in cowardly fear of offending the ‘religion of peace’.  Even when that religion orders a father to mercilessly slaughterhis own child – as happened in this grisly case – the Daily Mail still won’t print the truth about the Muslim faith.

It’s painfully clear that wherever that wretched young girl is hiding, she has only to read this article to realize she can expect absolutely no support from the media.  And she certainly can’t look to her Muslim family for help.  The Daily Mail managed to talk with the murderous brother, Ashraf, after he returned to the family’s home in Manchester following his stint in jail.  Here are his thoughts about trying to kill his sister.

Speaking at the family’s semi-detached home, her brother Ashraf, a customer services adviser, said: ‘We are going to get trouble from the community now. It is bad news for our safety, her safety.
‘My younger brother is going to get harassed at college. All our family is going to be harassed by the community because of this.


Yes, you read it right.  He’s not bothered one bit about having tried to murder his own sister – instead, his only concern is ‘what will the neighbors think?’.  Well, I know what I’m thinking. The ‘religion of peace’ is going to keep killing and keep killing until it is confronted.  But as long as the media and the Daily Mail flatly refuse to do that, than countless other terrified young women will be forced to flee from their murderous families.  This young ‘Harry Potter’ actress managed to escape with her life – don’t count on the other young women being that lucky.

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  1. 20.Indeed before you (too) the Messengers were laughed at, but then the same (torment of the Truth) which they ridiculed besieged those of them who ridiculed.

    21. And who can be a greater wrongdoer than one who invents a lie against Allah or who belies His Revelations? Surely the wrongdoers shall not prosper.

    26. And they hinder (others from following) this (Messenger and the Qur’an) and (also themselves) flee far away from it. They ruin but their own souls and have no awareness (of this destruction at all).

  2. * Surely the wrongdoers shall not prosper.

    Generally, the followers of allah and its false prophet do not prosper, and spend all their time whinging about Jew-controlled media, Western governments that don’t fawn sufficiently, and looking for “respect”.

    I could be “stereotyping” but I’m merely paraphrasing their grievance theatre.

    “Stereotypical” muslim behaviour would be to detonate suicide bombs, with the survivors (or enablers) blaming someone or something other than muslims, allah or islam.

    “Stereotypes” are easy to find:

    [LAHORE, Pakistan (AP) – Pakistanis lashed out Friday at the U.S., blaming its alliance with their government and its presence in Afghanistan for spurring two suicide bombers to kill 42 people at the country’s most important Sufi shrine.]

    The souls of muslims are already ruined, because they reject God’s plan of salvation and eternal life, and follow a false prophet to their doom:

    “Because there will be false Christs and false prophets, and they will give signs and wonders in the hope of turning even the saints from the true way.” – Jesus Christ, Mark 13:22

    This is a spiritual war that muslims have already lost, prophetically.

  3. Wouldn’t it be “racist” to disagree with parents & siblings who want to “honour kill” family members? Apparently it is where music lessons are concerned.

    Of course, one of the common, almost mandatory “stereotypes” for a muslim perp is “mental illness”, often in those who come to civilised countries & bringing allah’s disease with them:

    Mentally ill man not guilty of murder

    [Amer Fili told a psychiatrist that he had heard voices telling him his uncle wanted to hurt his father.

    The 26-year-old then stabbed Hassan Khaledi in the neck as he sat on the lounge, yelling: “Is my father not good?”

    In the NSW Supreme Court on Friday, Justice Robert Allan Hulme found Fili not guilty of murdering Hassan Khaledi on the grounds of mental illness.]

    [Justice Hulme said Fili, who was born in Iran and came to Australia via a boat from Indonesia in 2002, was admitted to a Sydney psychiatric hospital in 2004.]

    When is our government goint to stop enriching us with insane muslims?

  4. Mullah, I think Mudassir knows more about the price of goat-meat in Islamabad then what you are talking about.

    Besides, he seems to prefer copy and paste to reasoning……

  5. Who gives a shit what the muslim community thinks,if they’re capable of thinking anything anyway

  6. mudassir,if you could successfully manage to fuck youself,it would be the most constructive thing you have ever done in your life,wanker.

  7. Thank you, sheikyermami, for focusing on this case

    Afshan Azad is not only another victim of honor killing. She’s that special Harry Potter girl

    We can only hope that the fact that this barbaric thing is happening to such a gorgeous looking glamorous girl who happened to play a role in the huge Western success project Harry Potter, could make just a few more people the world over stop and really think. And realize what this is all about.

    This girl is not only one more subject of honor killing. She has a face. And she can be associated with Harry Potter. Now it will be up to the mass media to bring out news. But not only the MSM, also all those bloggers out there. And Facebook. Due to the glamour factor, this story could survive and get bigger in the media, in my opinion, all depending on the forces trying by all means to kill it.

    Imagine teenage girls
    “Wow….that happened to her?!…Oh…”

    – Could just raise a few questions and become a wake up call to a few around the world.

    Unfortunately, you cannot comment on this one. The Daily Mail didn’t open up for comments.

  8. what the hell? I’m a muslim. I’m a girl. I have a dad and a brother who do not try to savagely kill me. So abnormal right? That is not what islam is about. At least fully understand the concept of islam before ranting about it. It is not a religion of terrorism. But sadly it’s been painted that, in your eyes.we’re as normal as they come. Racists. 🙂

  9. And true, killing of girls does go on. But in minority, and that does not define islam. It’s just uneducated people who are puppets and do what they are told is right. They havent even half understood islam.

  10. * It is not a religion of terrorism.

    Really, amber?

    * But sadly it’s been painted that, in your eyes.

    Take it up with the “artist”, allah:

    [Sura 8.12] When your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make firm those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

    “I will cast terror …” sounds like terrorism to me – that being what terrorists such as allah do for a living. Its followers are too deluded to see it.

  11. Amber, have you recently tried to convert to Hinduism, Christianity or Judaism, even just leave islam?

    What would happen if you decide to go work at a strip joint? What would they do? I’m not condoning doing that or saying you should, but what if you did?

    There’s an excellent article here, which explains and quotes from the quran and some hadiths:

    And what about Aqsa Parvez? And Riqfa Bary? Her parents and grandparents tried to kill her.

    Maybe you misunderstand islam, otherwise you’re just trying to deceive us with taqiyya. If you really don’t think this is all true, the references are there, you can find them and translations on the internet wherever you like. Please educate yourself, I know it’s hard because women are not allowed in mosques, but many universities and muslim sources also have these things on their websites, just go read them. Like I said, either you’re lying, naive, ignorant or maybe you’ve even been lied to.

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