Loon Watch: Bob Brown, 9/11 Conspiracy Kook

Andrew Bolt

Is there something in the water down at Flinders? Meet another of the candidates – the Greens’ Bob Brown (no relation to the boss):

A Greens candidate called Bob Brown says Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda may not be responsible for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the United States.

“There are huge questions that need to be asked – one building came down without being hit, architects say the buildings looked like they were brought down by controlled explosions,” Mr Brown told the Western Port News.

What happened to the bodies and planes at the Pentagon?”

Irrational parties naturally attract irrational candidates. The frightening thing is how many crazies we must now have that one in 10 of us vote for them.

Want more? Here’s more:

But what will Gillard actually do about immigration?

Gillard has been caught on just saying honeyed words she neither means nor intends to act upon:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who has stepped up rhetoric on population congestion in Sydney and Melbourne’s western suburbs, today would not give any hint of what she might actually do about it.

Big boat comes in to spoil Gillard’s spin

9 thoughts on “Loon Watch: Bob Brown, 9/11 Conspiracy Kook”

  1. Bob Brown is a gynormous dickhead typical Greeney tool who like his ilk bludge off the workers. The man is detached from reality. Be really good if we could send him to the Taliban.

    Ronald McDonalds cousin Julia GilRUDD will do 2/5ths of FA about immigration because she knows like all Labor (leeching dickheads) that she will get the most votes from them.

    Labor = Left combine that with Greens (Bob ‘down’ Brown) and you have anarchy. They have a plan for Australia and I don’t like it.

  2. kaw,
    I’m not taking sides with any politicians. I hate all the pricks. Labor, Liberal, Greens etc they’re all filthy leeches that live off the workers.

    I hate the fact that everytime these turds have lunch at Parliament house they spend more in 1 sitting than what an old age pensioner gets in a fortnight.

  3. Agreed Ironside.
    This is OT but I will say it anyway. The folks on pension benefits are getting it very tough, and it rankles to see so much aid being given elsewhere and the people who worked so hard for Oz in the last generation being cast aside like scrap. All political parties are guilty, and their indexed pensions are undeserved.
    However, this form of corruption is so deeply embedded in the system that it is difficult to see , over the short term, how a more just redistribution of resources can occur. To muslims reading – NO – SHARIA IS NOT THE ANSWER – AND IF YOU WERE THINKING THAT IT IS THEN GO BACK TO THE M.E. OR WHERE EVER YOU CRAWLED OUT OF.

  4. I reckon the green party is receiving islamic financing. Every time things like this happen you have to go looking for the source…the money trail from the Saudis is a sure bet.

  5. Has Bob ever held a proper job in his life – I mean a job in which he has had to make decisons for which he would have been held accountable for the actual labour he has put in (intellectual or phsyical)?

    Has Bob ever done an honest day’s work – has he ever put out genuine mental and physical effort and made a positive difference in someone’s life?

    He says he will be around for the long haul – what a prospect!

    The Greens are younger professional and public service types – living in the inner city and earning good incomes.

    They don’t worry too much about the increased cost of electricity with the introduction of a carbon emission trading scheme.

    They are seemingly incapable of objective self-analysis – they see themselves as rescuing the planet and doing good for posterity – never mind the poor pensioners and hard working unskilled workers who are struggling day by day to make ends meet.

    They really are a pathetic bunch.

  6. Reijo, I agree. The Greens is full of left-wing weeds, Che Guevara-backed and terrorists sympathises. Also, as each MP receives a free car for work travels (while work for the parliament), so I remember about 10 years ago, a Green MP picked a Holden Commodore S (Powerful V6), instead Toyota Prius Hybrid as part of 4 different cars to be chose. Hypocrisy!

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