Meet the victims of infidel terror

Pretzel Logic:

Reporting Islamic terrorism makes Muslims furious,  which causes ….. Islamic terrorism!

ADELE HORIN from the Sydney Moonbat Herald offers up another gushing piece of  Islamic victimhood and helps Muslims blame “the media” for  Islamic terrorism, which makes Muslims “furious”.  Now, we all know who controls the media and if we could only catch some of them Jooozzzz…..

Aussie News & Views has some interesting comments

On the other side of the world the Muslim litigation jihad is in full swing:

Nadia Saleh with her children, Mohsen, 20, Kamal, 19, Rana, 17, and Hady, 16.

AUSTRALIAN-MUSLIM families have good relations with other Australians, and feel safe and happy here. But they are furious with the media for depicting Muslims as terrorists and criminals, a report for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship reveals.

”The families felt strongly the media was gunning for Muslims; it was a huge concern for them,” said Ilan Katz, the director of the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW, and a co-author of the study. The research is part of a wider project commissioned by the department to understand the concerns and needs of Muslim Australians.

Based on in-depth interviews with 72 family members, it found people traced a change in the media’s depiction of Muslims from the September 11 attacks in New York and Washington.

”They felt community attitudes had hardened towards them since then because of the media,” said Dr Katz.

So if we stop reporting acts of Islam terror it will go away?

An Iraqi father said: ”The media portrays us as terrorists; the media is against us.” A man from Sudan said, ”Australians listen to the media, that is what they believe.”

Yet the Australian-Muslims were mainly positive about their daily interactions with ordinary Australians, friends, workmates, and passers-by. On the whole they felt accepted and appreciated what Australia could offer. Another father said:‘Australian government high schools even have a mosque [prayer room] … and the students perform midday and Friday prayers there.”

However, a major concern was low income, with some blaming workplace discrimination. Some parents were troubled their children had become more religious than they were. ”The daughters were wearing the hijab but the mothers weren’t,” Dr Katz said. Others were anxious about their children’s involvement with drugs, sex or alcohol.

Nadia Saleh, 42, of Punchbowl, calls Australia ”this remarkable country” that she came to from Lebanon 21 years ago. With her husband Karl, 52, she has raised four children.

”We have got some people who do the wrong thing but it is unfair to criticise the entire Islamic community,” said Mrs Saleh, a manager at the Riverwood Community Centre.

The study highlights the diversity of Australian-Muslims, who come from countries as disparate as Albania and Nigeria.

Dr Katz found Imams were a main source of guidance for parents with family problems and needed more help and resources from government and non-government agencies to do a better job of pastoral care.

The imams are “a source of guidance” alright. Does Dr Katz have any idea what kind of “guidance” they offer?

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  1. How come the christians or hindus refer to themselves as Christian Australian or Hindu Australian?

    When will the useful idiots learn the Muslim are not a race?

  2. I think this is the wank … think tank’s “research” into muslim grievances & fury:

    [Meeting the needs of marginalised Muslim and migrant families

    * Research Area: Community Needs, Problems and Services, Families
    * Funding Agency: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
    * Staff Involved: Denise Thompson, Ilan Katz, Sandra Gendera
    * Non-Staff Involved: Rogelia Pe-Pua (School of Social Sciences and International Studies, UNSW)
    * Status: Current]

  3. Why are they “marginalized”, Mullah?

    Because they hate us and they can’t wipe us out? Because they can’t practice their ‘religion’ of genocide, which obliges Muslims to not only destroy our legal system, but to replace the ‘man made’ law of the infidel with the sharia and destroy the infidel in the process?

    What we have here is a bunch of deluded social workers who want to make equal what was never meant to mix, never meant to happen in the first place: flooding the country with Mohammedans! Not something anyone could imagine 30 years ago.

    So now they have created a problem which only they believe they can solve, which makes them feel they are needed. They are obsessed with the idea that there are ‘solutions’ to what are not social problems, but a giant problem of ideology which is diametrically opposed to everything we are.

    The Muslims must be laughing their asses off over these useful tools.
    And over us, the taxpayers, who don’t revolt over this folly.

  4. “marginalized”, “some of the world’s most vulnerable people”, “social inclusion”, “hurt feelings” … allah intentionally creates the problems, and dhimmis have created a giant industry identifying the problem (but not the cause), and trying to impose the “cure” on those who did not cause it (us).

    islam may or may not have been “hijacked”, but common sense has been taken hostage, & no release looking likely no matter how much ransom (jizyah) is paid.

    In today’s print edition, which may later end up here,

    Tory Shepherd claims that “… the entire concept of political correctness has been so thoroughly absorbed, mutilated and spat back out by the Right that it is now entirely their creature”.

    [“The Advertiser”, once a newspaper of record]

  5. I had nothing better to do for a few minutes, and searched on “some of the world’s most vulnerable people” – 88,000 results, including this,
    from al-Age (another hasbeen newspaper). Where is the muslim “fury”
    about pap like this?

    Labor surrenders to phobia about boat people
    April 10, 2010

    [THE mystery of the hysterical debate on boat people is how some of the world’s most vulnerable people can inspire a national phobia. Since Tony Abbott became Opposition Leader in December, the Coalition has rerun the relentless scare campaign that marked its post-Tampa election victory in 2001. The government’s response yesterday showed Labor is still spooked by the ghosts of that defeat. Its reasons for suspending processing of asylum applications by Afghans and Sri Lankans, for six and three months respectively, are unconvincing.]

    [While the Coalition has the satisfaction of making Labor blink, both sides of politics share the shame of reducing refugees to political footballs.]

    [What has changed from the days when the Fraser government accepted Vietnamese refugees is that our leaders lack the spine to reject the simplistic insistence that the boats be stopped, regardless of the plight of their human cargo.]

    * My understanding is that both sides of politics rail against “people smugglers”, but do nothing about those who hire the “people smugglers”, apart from “meet and greet” & an escort to Christmas Island, or a comfy motel in Darwin / Gold Coast etc. “Smugglers” don’t find unwilling smugglees – it is an industry where the smugglers and the smuggled work together to avoid the normal means of entry to Oz.

  6. If Jehovah’s Witnesses are willing to die rather than accept a blood transfusion in support of their religion then muslims are entitled to refuse tests performed by genders forbidden by their religion (with out suing). Their choice, live or die, but ultimately their choice and really no great loss in the end.

    In other words IT’S OUR WAY OR THE HIGHWAY we are not changing everything to suit you.

    The numbers of people who have reached their limits with muslim demands is increasing exponentially on a daily basis, it is simply a matter of a little more time.

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