Moonbats & Space Cadets

NASA logo makeovers: New Arabic Sensitivity Administration

Michelle Malkin  readers have answered the call of duty! Last night, she put out a call for NASA logo redesign Photoshops to mock Team Obama’s Muslim-pandering makeover of the space program.

Entries are pouring in.

Pick your favorites, here

NASA races to reach the crescent moon

The Muslim world has nothing to offer the United States as a space-faring nation. If anything, America should be discouraging Middle East space programs. Iran has the most advanced space initiative in the region and claimed to have launched a satellite in February. It’s a short step from putting satellites in space to being able to do the same with warheads. Given that Iran is on the verge of nuclear-weapons capability, the upbeat message from NASA seems ill-advised. WaPo has more….

Obama Directs NASA to Reach Out to Muslim Nations

It was bad enough when, two months ago, word got around that U.S. Central Command s commanding general, David Petraeus, had embraced the meme that Americans were being killed in his theater of operations because Israel had refused to make peace with its Palestinian enemies….


4 thoughts on “Moonbats & Space Cadets”

  1. You know in PROGRESSIVE (a pathetic moonbat euphemism for SOCIALIST) Great Britain, where the so called Con/Liberal Government is even more left wing moonbat SOCIALIST than your American DEEM’o’crat Party, a Supreme court judge has just ruled, and the Government has just welcomed the ruling, that GAY Asylum seekers cannot be sent back to their countries of origin if they are liable to be persecuted for their GAYNESS.

    Which raises an intriguing question , As MOST Islamic countries are virulently and legislatively anti GAY and DO persecute and punish them why does the British Government still allow MOHAMMEDANS to immigrate in to UK as obviously they will bring their ANTI GAY bias and violence propensity with them?

    1. Just another scam, Realist.

      No place in the world has more homosexuals than the Islamic nations. The thing is, they don’t consider a guy homosexual as long as he is married and has kids. Only the really effeminate types who engage solely in homosexual activities cop it. Anyhow, that’s how I experienced it, in north Africa, in the ME, in Pakistan and in India. In Indonesia its (still) a bit more relaxed, but for how much longer?

  2. I have taken some time in responding because I am trying to figure out how the muslims can use the moon as a bomb. This is a group of people who take baby formula and have no problem blowing that up, along with the baby. I don’t give a hoot if the muslimette blew herself up – too many muslim women are just as much a problem as their male counter parts in my opinion. I guess if they just blow up the moon that would be pretty bad in itself.

    Or maybe they would just try to blow up the space station, or the plane taking them to the space station.

    This sort of reminds me of the beginning of the movie, Lost in Space, where there was a group trying to blow up a much more advanced space station than what we have.

    Now I could see them stealing technology and making a bomb out of the new technology that they learn. Sort of like what China and Russia does. Clinton had his Chinese thieves and ovomit will have his muslim thieves. Because I have no doubt there will be thieves in the group that is appointed to NASA. All is well and good if it is done for allah and his perverted pet, ol’ moe.

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