Muselmanic Courtroom Drama

Lawyer Blows Fuse over Muslim Headgear…

Respect my coffee-filter, kuffar!

Zahid flips:

“Women sometimes appear in court wearing clothes baring their breasts and with mini skirts up to here! Muslims should be allowed to wear their headgear in court if it is in accordance with their religion.”

“it was time that people learned about the religions of others and how to respect them.”

Too bad that Muslims don’t respect anyone anyone else….. Courtroom Drama over Muslim headgear (H/T RoP)

2 thoughts on “Muselmanic Courtroom Drama”

  1. Easy want to piss that bastard off…

    The Judge or Prosecutor could always wear a Yamulke. But wear one that is black with a noticable Star of David embroidered on it..

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