Muslims find "Leave Islam Safely" ads "repulsive"

Telling the truth about Islam is repulsive to Muslims.

I can smell a fartwa coming on:

“Another repulsive anti-Muslim stunt from Geller and Spencer”

From the Bunglawussi website:

Following on from the “Leaving Islam?” bus ads in Miami and New York, this new campaign by Stop the Islamization of America involves adverts on Chicago taxis. As you can see, its message is that Islam inspires Muslim families to murder their daughters.

See SIOA press release, 12 July 2010

Well, it does:

A question of Islamic honor: Police say 17,000 women are victims every year in the UK alone.

What does Islamic Law dictate as punishment for a parent who kills his or her child?

Consider Reliance of the Traveller: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law: here


SIOA Honor Killing Awareness Campaign: Freedom Taxis Hit the Streets of Chicago

Read it all….


The Dhimmi Press  worries about what offends Muslims:

Dallas Morning News Dhimmis Down on Honor Killing Taxi Ads

The Dallas Morning News, the newspaper that covered up for honor killings by obscuring the religious motivation behind the brutal murder of Amina and Sarah Said, has taken notice of the SIOA ‘Honor Killing Awareness’  taxi campaign. They note that the father is still at large, but their parting shot is so egregious they should publicly flogged. Debra Peck asks, “How do you feel about this campaign–do you support it or find it offensive to Muslims?” Let’s ask the girls how they feel about the ads, dhimmi Deb. Let’s ask the girls if they find your absence of morality coupled with the sanctioning of this evil offensive.

The girls are what matters. The victims of this heinous practice. Why would the ads be offensive to Muslims unless …. they support honor killings in the name of Islam? That question is offensive to me, quisling.

Murder of siblings in Irving part of honor killing awareness campaign in Chicago

The group, Stop Islamization of America, has launched a new campaign on taxi cabs in Chicago to talk about the issue of honor killings. The campaign features photos of honor killing victims and asks, “Is Your Family Threatening You?”

One photo features Amina and Sarah Said, sisters who were shot to death in a taxi at an Irving hotel two summers ago. The girls were students at Lewisville High School. Their father, Yaser Said, is believed to have killed his daughters in an honor killing, a practice in which a man kills a female relative who has brought shame to the family. Here’s a link to that story.

Their father is still at large. Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 214-373-8477.

A similar campaign in New York City is creating a stir.

How do you feel about this campaign–do you support it or find it offensive to Muslims?

14 thoughts on “Muslims find "Leave Islam Safely" ads "repulsive"”

  1. It’s an excellent approach to raising the general public’s awareness of this problem. Furthermore, it’s also doing nominally Muslim women who wish to break free from Islam a great favour in helping to direct them to a website that can lend them some support.

    I’d like to see this campaign replicated here in the UK, but as the majority of taxi firms in many of our towns and cities are now run and manned by the Muslim taxi mafia, it would probably be rather difficult to implement. I also expect that the UK’s draconian religious ‘hatred’ legislation would kick in before anyone had a chance to place such ads, and they’d probably be facing a steep fine or a prison sentence. If not, at the very least they’d be on the receiving end of death threats and their careers would be ruined if they weren’t self-employed.

    Would it be possible to run this campaign in Australia?

  2. Being a former Chicagoan, this is amazing to see, especially since Muslims operate a good chunk of the city’s cab system. God bless those who launched this effort, including Pam. I hope the site gets large volumes of hits. It sure is needed.

  3. It’s perfect.
    It’s based on the truth and is not the least bit abrasive, unless of course you’re an overly sensitive, too easily offended muslim.
    It is meant to educate and protect and will enjoy vast exposure.
    And best of all muslim taxi drivers will probably be forced to drive around with this evidence above their heads all day, unless they resort to carbeques again.
    Like I said, perfect, the most bang for your buck.
    I think I’ll make a donation now.

  4. There are hotlines for abused children, battered spouses, cult-leavers, suicidal teens and older.
    So, why not Islam-damaged people?

    Repeat: Shelters for battered wives are not sexist because they do not imply all husbands are wife beaters.

  5. this is excellent. many people are trying to leave islam because of it’s non-sense… i’ve been to places where people leave islam and become athiest or accept another religion.
    wake up america before your constitution is being replaced by the quran…

  6. You bigoted morons are repulsive. What kind of dumbassery is this? Putting ads up just to attack a religion? You people are today’s neo-Nazis.

  7. Jack,
    Why are people here bigoted?? The ads are not attacking a religion, or perhaps you are unable to read. The ads simply say that if islam is threatening you then leave it. How is that a threat??? I would say that the bigoted fool is you, but why don’t you explain your rant so that we are not all left with the immediate impression that you are just a dumb islamist. Looking forward to your explanations!!!!

  8. Well,I proudly proclaim that I am a former muslim myself!I left the faith back in 2004 and converted to judaism(Baruch Hashem!)mainly because most people here in the United States are such extreme islamophobes and I mean just about everybody hates islam as a religion!I accpeted the islamic religion in order to get married to my ex-wife who was an arab muslim woman from Tunisia(in islam it is haram aka forbidden for a muslim woman to marry a non-muslim man)even though our marriage lasted for only three years I certainly learned a tremendous amount about islam while being with her thus I can say without a doubt that in the long run something positive came out of the experience…and that was I realized that I just didnt want to be a muslim anymore!

  9. Interesting.

    Would you care to let us know how you managed to convert to Judaism?

    Being a Jew myself I am not aware of any conversions going on. We’re not recruiting new members outside of the tribe, which troubles many and pleases our enemies.

  10. thanks for posting add against islam, but dont worry it will not work out as Allah itself given assurance to increase these religion on peace on earth, if u want to know full details then compare ur country crime rate with saudi and decide urself…good guide u into right path.
    if u transalte this webiste add then u will get big shock!!!!!

  11. You’re in Saudi Arabia??? Well how do you expect people to be interested in the Hajj and Umrah with all the rioting going on? Do you have any ideas how to stop immigrants causing trouble? That film was made by an Egyptian. Or do you just talk out of both sides of your mouth.

  12. Dear muslims no one is forcing you to leave islam, the add only applies to those who themselves want to and enable to leave without being threatened. It is much like an add by a divorce attorney no one is forcing you to break up, it just is for people who want to but have abusive spouses.

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