My KRuddness! Now He Wants to Be Foreign Minister!

Andrew Bolt

I will be Foreign Minister, declares KRudd


Barrie Cassidy on the ABC’s Insiders says Kevin Rudd is telling journalists he’s determined to be Minister for Foreign Affairs after the election.

Another sign that he should not be. He is curiously unable to read the rules of human interaction, and, by extension, of political interaction. I doubt a single Cabinet minister would welcome back to their inner sanctum a man with such an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and such a disordered sense of his place in not just Labor but the universe.

Me thinks we need a KRudd-less government……

Reader Jacket is onto him:

How uplifting for the nation to send out our most publicly humilliated figure (out into the world) as international representative. He is however the world’s most internationally recognised ear-wax eater I guess. (766,253 YouTube views to date)

2 thoughts on “My KRuddness! Now He Wants to Be Foreign Minister!”

  1. Obama may inflict KRudd on world

    Just before he phoned Julia Gillard to congratulate her on ascending to the prime ministership, Barack Obama called the man she’d just assassinated to take it…

    Obama said he appreciated everything they had done together and he hoped they could continue their friendship and their partnership in working on international challenges…

    Obama evidently formed the impression that Rudd might be interested in some sort of international job, and he hastened to offer support. He said he would be favourably disposed towards working with Rudd in any future areas of international interest.

    How did Obama form that view?

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