NYT: Honor Killings…? Lets pretend its not happening here….

Disinformation vs Reality:

Honor Killings? What’s that? Ah, you mean its only happening in India?  Hindus who burn widows?

Muslim Honor Killing Elephants in the Room at the New York Times

by Phyllis Chesler/ Pajamas Media

Yesterday I posted a piece at FOX about the mainstream media’s extensive coverage of honor killings—but only if they are committed by Hindus and in faraway India. These media outlets will not use the word “honor killing” and “Muslim” or “honor killing” and “Islam” in the same sentence. For example, over this past weekend, the New York Times, no longer the Paper of Record, ran a front page article about a Hindu caste-related honor killing in Koderma, India.

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Amina and Sarah Said ran away from their brutal home life and their “devout father,” only to be lured back by their mother on Christmas day and then brutally tortured and murdered not 24 hours later, in an honor killing on New Years day. Autopsy here. Full Atlas coverage here.

Noor Almalaki was run over in an honor killing last November in Arizona by her father for being “too Americnaized” and not Muslim enough. She hung on to dear life for three days before succumbing to her wounds.

Gülsüm Semin was severely beaten (repeatedly), scared to death of her family (and rightly so), and ultimately brutally beaten beyond recognition and “honor” murdered because she refused forced Islamic marriage in Turkey.

Banaz Mahmood was killed in her apartment in London by her father, Mahmood, and his brother Ali Mahmood and 4 others because they didn’t approve of her boyfriend. She had dishonored her Muslim  family by falling in love with the “wrong” man. So they stomped on her, then strangled her to death. Her body was then moved 100 miles to Birmingham, where she was buried in a suitcase in a garden behind a house. They had tried to kill her before. Watch this video of Banaz days before her death, telling of the attempts to kill her.

SIOA Honor Killing Awareness Campaign: Freedom Taxis Hit the Streets of Chicago

Atlas has the whole gallery of murders!

4 thoughts on “NYT: Honor Killings…? Lets pretend its not happening here….”

  1. Ah, the courage of the muslim male!!!! With the inevitable cop-out – “But they are muslims – they aren’t following thh quran”. Well, just maybe they are. Hang your heads in shame, muslims! While all muslims certainly do not kill. very few muslims speak out against the nasty practices they import into the west, which makes them just as guilty as the murderers.

  2. The point is Kaw, they have no shame. They lie to themselves, to society and for a Muslim this is normal.
    I was a victim of a Muslim who beat me almost to death – many times.
    In his head, I deserved it. It was my fault. I was no better than an animal. This is their thinking and it would take many generations to rid the world of these mass murderers and they possess a cruelty that the rest of the world can never imagine. I know. I warn all women – never go near them.
    Get rid of them from our lands. They are the face of evil and if we allow them to stay – get ready for the worst.

  3. So, to the folks who are uncertain – LISTEN TO THERESE! Warn any person you know who is in danger of living with a muslim that they may well be living with evil incarnate. I wish I was wrong, but I have seen how violent and dishonest a SIGNIFICANT minority of muslims really are. And there are many many more stories like those of Theresa.

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