The State Run Media Gushes:

“Chills & Tingles” Over “‘Very Powerful’ Obama  Platitudes

Glenn Beck: I now know why Obama returned the Churchill bust to Britain

Early in Obama’s tenure as President, he packed up the Churchill bust from the Oval office andreturned the gift back to Britain. At the time many wondered why and I’m not sure many tried to answer it, but now Beck believes he has the answer>>> (therightsccop)

Filmmaker of movie about Obama’s Indonesian youth drops scene of him praying toward Mecca

He apparently did pray toward Mecca, but Dematra says it was meaningless, and that to have included such a scene in the film would have been misleading. Very well. Nonetheless, the full breadth of Obama’s pro-Islam and essentially pro-jihad policies since he took office is startling. See the long list at the end of this article, and get the full story in The Post-American Presidency.

“Filmmaker Damien Dematra On Obama’s Young Life In Indonesia,” by Christopher Shay in Time, July 1 via Jihad Watch>>>

Stoopid on Display:

“you have to vote for it to find out what’s in it…”

Pelosi: Unemployment Checks Best Way to Create Jobs

Left-wing group’s grant will “educate” MSM on Obamacare law

Here It Comes… Obama to Push His Radical Amnesty Plan Today

Shocker. Obama’s Radical Mentor Caught On Tape Praising Marxism (Video)

Both videos courtesy of New Zeal via Weasel Zippers:

Obama 1995 praising his “wonderful” and “best of the black church” pastor Jeremiah Wright…

Beautiful: Rev. Wright praising “no nonsense Marxism”and stating America’s the “land of the greed and home of the slave”…