Pali Grievance Theater Part # 25769009

Genocidal Pal Arabs:

We Demand Free Health Care From Da Jooozzzzz!

Israel treats thousands of Palestinians in their hospitals, mostly free of charge. Obviously they have to be careful about whom they let in.

But not only that.  Hamas & Fatah ultimately plan genocide against the Jews and tell us so every day. At the same time they demand their own state which they have no intention on building in the first place. Beyond parody!

Thanks to BarenakedIslam

In other news:

It looks like Hussein Obama, America’s first  (and hopefully last) Muslim POTUS is financing the Libyan ship heading for Gaza:

Libyan ship heading for Gaza sponsored (in part) by… Hussein Obama?

Certainly it would be consistent with everything we do know about Hussein Obama. In any case, it’s noteworthy in itself that the Obama Administration has given money to any entity connected with Gaddafi.

Carl in Jerusalem has the details:

There’s some dispute over its ultimate destination, but a Libyan ship left for this area from a Greek port on Saturday. (Israel Radio reported this morning that Israel’s foreign ministry says it’s headed for the Egyptian port of El Arish, but the ship’s captain says it’s heading for Gaza). The ship’s crew, which claims to be carrying ‘humanitarian aid,’ says it’s willing to have the ship boarded and inspected at sea, but they’re not willing to unload at the Israeli port of Ashdod, as Israel has demanded.But here’s the key. The ship has been sent by the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation. And if you’ve been following the Illinois Senate race, you may already know that the Obama administration has contributed $400,000 to the Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation and to Wa Attassimou, another ‘charity’ run by a Gadhaffi family member (Hat Tip: Murphywong). And just to top it all off, the Foundation is run by the same Gadhaffi son who brought the Pan Am bomber back to Tripoli.

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4 thoughts on “Pali Grievance Theater Part # 25769009”

  1. re : the palestinans having trouble getting to hospitals in Israel .
    WTF should Israel treat them anyway when the palis want to wipe them out ?
    Why don’t they build their own hospitals ?
    Why don’t the arab countries – their fellow arabs – around there help them ?

  2. persikas, the answer is ; Israel is a humanitarian country and the Muslim countries aren’t. The Libyans, the Lebonese Hezbollah, the Syrians, the Turks, Iran, don’t give medical attention or humanitarian aid “from the heart”. They just want to break the blockade so they can ship arms into Gaza to support Hamas in their efforts to bring down Israel and exterminate the Jews there.

    Egypt is against this and soon you will see Egypt stepping in and supporting Israel to a point. Egypt is fearful of the Muslim Brotherhood rising to power in Egypt and the region.

  3. I have to agree with al-Kidya. My first reaction was also “wasn’t there a hospital closer?”

    But then I remembered America ca. 1900 – the raison d’etre of anyone not European ‘white’ was to serve in a subordinate position. There is no difference here: Allah made the kuffar to serve the muslim ‘and to know himself subdued’.

    Of course, some kuffar are still ‘upperty’ – such as those in England complaining about the asylam seeker receiving more than 100,000 pounds p.a. in benefits.

    As to the Jews, since everything bad that ever happens is their fault (even though everything that ever happens is the will of Allah), they should jump to put it right.

    Gaza and the rest of the islamic world need to be brought back to earth, hard, or we will all end up dead or submissive. If reality fails to triumph, I shall take my honour guard with me.

  4. Sorry, missed that the first time – Free health care from a country full of “pigs and apes” that you have vowed to destroy is a “basic human right?”
    Tell that to people waiting two years for an operation on the NHS.

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