2 thoughts on “Pat Condell: The Enemy Within”

  1. A dynamic speech from Pat Condell and if you think he is wrong, then read what this muslim turd has written below.

    My name is Boutek Allouf from Algeria. I am one of this immigrantes in France that refuse to accept the style and corrupted way of living of Western World. I like my culture, my religion, my way of seeing the world. Islam is right. Europe is wrong. They same way you invaded Africa, South America, Asia, now is your turn to have us inside you. That´s the price you have to pay. I hate your hipocrisy of saying that you live in a free society, but we´ll use this as a tool to reach our means. You can not stop the flux of History. We´ll retake what is ours with the help of God.

    Boutek Allouf , Saint Denis France (07.17.10)

    Muslims are the scum of the earth that have an insane ideology. They are a plague that is eating into society and need to be eradicated soon, very soon, to protect our very way of life.

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