Pig's head on the wall of Dudley central mosque fails to please Moslems

From the Guardian (of Muslims)

EDL protestor found guilty of religiously aggravated harassment

An EDF protester, Kevin Smith, has been given a suspended eight-week prison sentence for putting a pig’s head on the wall of Dudley central mosque in the Castle Hill area of the town on 29 May.

Fibbi Hooper from CAIR will use this “hate crime” for the rest of his life to blame “right wing extremist bigot Islamophobes”…….

Dudley council criticises far-right group for going ahead with protest at abandoned development:

The English Defence League’s summer of protests to target Muslim communities is to continue with a demonstration against a “super mosque”, even though the development is no longer going ahead.

The far-right group will return to Dudley next Saturday to demonstrate against the abandoned mosque and community centre project. The council has branded the protest “pointless” and a “waste of taxpayers’ money” as police will be required to ensure safety. More>>>

The EDL Ummah Returns to Dudley

Thanks to the Gates of Vienna

5 thoughts on “Pig's head on the wall of Dudley central mosque fails to please Moslems”

  1. EDL.. Bloody love em’, just when I hung my head in shame thinking the UK had lost it backbone this lot ‘shows’ the rest of the World what spirit is.

    Love you fellers, go hard.

  2. Dudley council committee rejects plan for new mosque as ‘alien feature’

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Plans for a mosque and community centre on land in Hall Street, Dudley have been rejected by Dudley Council planners.

    Members of the Development Control Committee unanimously refused the application for Dudley Muslim Association to build the mosque. Despite last minute alterations and changes to the design by the applicant, councillors still slammed the multi-million pound proposal, calling it “characterless”, “featureless”, “inappropriate” and an “alien feature”.

    However councillors did agree to extend the time limit for the previous application, which means the DMA have a further three years to submit more plans.

    Speaking about the decision following the meeting, DMA spokesman, Mushtaq Hussain, said he was “very disappointed” with the outcome. He said the DMA would now need to consider whether they would lodge an appeal against the decision, which he believed would be likely. But he added the architects would also be going back to the drawing board to look at further plans.

    Dudley News, 19 September 2011

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