Postcard from Wiesbaden, Germanistan

Cultural enrichment. No more Multiculturalism.  Its Mohammedan Monoculture now. Thanks to PI

In other news:

71% of Germans want  Burka verboten:

  • Pew research: 71 % of Germans want burqa ban
  • In France, 82 % of the population want the freedom sack banned.

Islam in Europe presents:

Germany: A closer look at the demographics

Mohammedans (and their descendants) make up about a third of the population in the 0-5 age group. Does this mean that in 20 years Muslims will make up a third of the population?  Read more »

Macedonia: Wahabists taking over mosques

Western diplomats and religious experts have voiced concerns about the spread of radical Islam among Muslim communities in the Balkans, after it transpired that alleged Wahabist radicals are operating and increasing their influence in Macedonia.Read more »

4 thoughts on “Postcard from Wiesbaden, Germanistan”

  1. Postcard from Adelaide:

    Move to ban bondage bags in South Oz jails fails

    Move to ban burka in South Australian jails overruled

    [FEMALE prisoners who want to conceal their faces by wearing the burka will be allowed to do so by the South Australian government.

    The ruling came yesterday as State Corrections Minister Tom Koutsantonis joined Multicultural Affairs Minister Grace Portolesi in opposing legislation drafted by independent MP Bob Such to outlaw wearing of the Islamic head-to-toe covering in selected security-sensitive public buildings and government offices.]

  2. Hiding your face while in jail, how crazier can it get.
    I wonder if guys can do it, when they hide their face with their tableclothes. Equal rights??? hahaha. How dumb.
    You for sure lost that right when you went to jail, plain and simple.
    Look at those women in the park, I hope right now with the headwave , they suffer good.
    How does a western women, who’s native country it is feel, like an outcast, while you are HOME.
    I am so disgusted with these people I can scream.
    Time for all out war.

  3. Postcard from Cardiff:

    (muslims can dish it out, but not take it)
    Muslims protest in Cardiff against ‘anti-Islam laws’

    [Muslims are to demonstrate in Cardiff to protest against laws across Europe which they say are anti-Islam.

    Saturday’s protest is to highlight what they believe is an “ideological attack” on Islam.]

  4. LS…

    If you walk your dog in the Netherlands without a leach you have a change to get a ticket from a man ho comes from a culture where the people still shit in the streets and live like beasts and the animals have no live at all.

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