Race Replacement Theology

Just wondering: will the Labour stooges who tried to replace the native Brits with a Mohammedan proletariat ever be held accountable? Is there anybody at all in the kingdom  who will prosecute the deceit and the treason committed by the BLiar-Brown-Straw-Milibandits?

I’m not holding my breath. But by chance I happened upon a site that really cracked me up tonight. Laugh if you must, but be careful. You might be chokin’ on something:


New immigrants who art in Africa,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
In Manchester as it is in Monrovia.
Give us this day our anchor baby,
and forgive us not for slavery, nor the holocaust,
as we forgive thee who trample us.
Lead us not towards one iota of resistance.
Nay, deliver us from all kinship ties.
For thine is our kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Obama’s  spiritual advisor:  lets get rid of all the “rich white people…”

Italy: Adoptive parents ‘can’t specify child’s race’

Rome, 29 April (AKI) – Italian couples, who are seeking to adopt a child, are guilty of racism if they reject black or non-European children, the prosecutor at Italy’s highest court claimed on Wednesday. The prosecutor backed a court petition by Italy’s Friends of Children association of adoptive and foster parents (AIBI).

Funny, that. I was under the impression that adoption agencies tried to match as much as possible the child’s ethno-religious background with that of any prospective parents. We’ve heard Blacks complain of “cultural genocide” when White liberals adopt Blacks.

We’ve heard similar outcries when Christians tried to adopt children from a Mohammedan background.

WTF is going on?

Fjordman warns of Eurospherewide civil war if things keep going the way they’re going (and he does talk of forced race-replacement though not in those words — he uses unmistakable equivalents):

http://www.brusselsjournal.com/node/4425 .

Its no better in France either:

“True integration will be when Catholics name their child Mohammed.”

Spoken by Martin Hirsch,  initially appointed High Commissioner on “active solidarity against poverty, ” a fancy way of saying that he is in charge of what we would call the “war on poverty”.

Nicolas Sarkozy certainly knows how to pick them. When he put together his first cabinet, following the presidential election of 2007, he chose with infallible precision politicians who (he must have known) would be loyal servants to the causes of métissage, multi-culturalism and socialism, and to the overarching duty of sycophancy to their boss….

Read it all, from Gallia Watch

4 thoughts on “Race Replacement Theology”

  1. Dear Aunty Jack,

    Why should I name my child after a pedophile rapist who was a mass murderer to boot???

  2. “True integration will be when Catholics name their child Mohammed.”

    “True integration” will be when there are no Catholics left to “integrate”
    (what allah might have said through Mo)

  3. Perhaps our tact should change. If westerners want to keep their society, they must have more kids. Have 4 kids, even 5 kids.

  4. And that is the problem! Western women dont want to have kids anymore! The Japanese have given up on their women and are trying to build robots to replace themselves…who knows, they may succeed with their robots(beget 4 or 5 kids!?)before us westerners can with our women….

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