Riots in Dudley!

EDL under attack in Dudley?

GoV reports:

Eyewitness accounts coming in of Muslims using cars to drive down English protesters in Dudley. One report of an incident where 4 people were driven into, left them seriously injured and one woman dead. We are waiting for confirmation of this incident and an air ambulance has landed to assist the injured.

Twenty people have been arrested at a rally by the English Defence League in Dudley. SKY NEWS

TROUBLE has already flared at the EDL protest, as protestors broke out the car park and scuffled with police, before the rally even started.

Around 2.15pm – 45 minutes in, around 300 EDL members ran out of Stafford Street car park and began throwing cans and bricks at officers.

The rally, which was supposed to start at 1.30pm, has yet to start, with members getting restless in the carpark. Police, who have dressed in riot gear, with shields and helmets made extra lines of support as they tried to contain the taunting crowds.

The atmosphere is extremely tense and uneasy as trouble continues to flare.

LIVE UPDATE – Trouble flares at EDL rally/ Dudley News

Enoch Powell predicted ‘Rivers of Blood’, its happening, now:

LIVE UPDATE – Trouble flares at EDL rally

H/T Durotrigan

Breaking News:

Things appear to have turned very nasty in Dudley today. The picture is fragmentary but the EDL claim to have come under attack from the police as well as Muslim gangs:

EDL Media EDL being subjected to assualts by the police, Injuries have been caused and there is rioting in Dudley…gangs of Muslims attacking people…MEDIA IS NOT REPORTING ANY OF THESE EVENTS…

A flavour of the reports at the Gates of Vienna can be gleaned from the following:

Source 1 again: Eight coaches didn’t get through — riots taking off. Demonstrators are throwing iron fences at the police. [Source is] safe on the coach watching events — riot police. People are walking past covered in blood. I wouldn’t be surprised if our first casualty comes from today. Police split the EDL into groups all over the town, and Muslims hunting in packs.

The most recent reports hint that the violence is even worse than initially anticipated.

People laying in pools of blood, people being run over, attacked with bricks, bottles and knives from the Muslims, and police doing nothing, indeed helping them.

Go to Gates of Vienna  for updates>>>

Here’s a comment from Ayesha in the Dudley News:


29 thoughts on “Riots in Dudley!”

  1. Frightening stuff .
    As someone commented when the Christians were arrested in dearborn for handing out leaflets , “It’s begun ” .

  2. Let battle commence, time to show the worshippers of the cult of the dead Paedophile the way to the ferry! By by spongers! 88

  3. No one asked the British people if they wanted uncontrolled immergration, we didnt then and dont now .The British people are a tolerant people but push us to far and watch out.
    If battle lines are drawn so be it, we have fought for this land before and are quite caperble of doing so again.
    As Yorkie said, By by spongers! 88

  4. So it is rough being colonised? Having your culture , way of life and language overturned?………Now you know how half the rest of the world feels. Karma is the winner on the day.

  5. theresaj, you know nothing child otherwise you would not come out with an immature comment as that, and just remember if it was not for
    my countries flags you would not even be living here, so shut your stupid mouth or take the plane, I assure you you will NOT be missed!

  6. Prayers for the good people of England.

    What William Blake was trying to get at in his famous poem and hymn “Jerusalem” was the idea expressed by Jeremiah and later by Mar Samuel. i.e To seek the welfare of the nation you are in. That each nation should try and be transformed into a literal “Jerusalem” of peace and security for it’s people.

    William Blake was a true patriot who loved his fellow countrymen and held no animosity to other nations. He actually met with Thomas Paine and other great people in the late 1700’s. The fondness the English have for Blake’s “Jerusalem” was shown recently when the cricketers who had won the Ashes after a long break sang the hymn with much spirit and gusto. I wish more people knew about his works.

    His “Jerusalem” is a metaphor for a perfected, ideal land in England.

  7. theresaj You’d best thank your lucky stars for the British culture and comforts you enjoy. If they disappear karma will be sure that you suffer their loss first and most, i’m sure of that.

  8. Yorkie +co ,
    You do not even know where I am from and obviously you do not know your own country’s history. I am sure that all the people who were colonised by the brutal ,arrogant, brits did not find anything” childish” in the experience. British culture , if you can call it that, has never given me anything. You do not seem to understand how intensely you are still resented in so many parts of the world. Fight your own battles.

  9. theresaj,
    Islam has nothing to offer the West or civilised World for that matter. No i’m not a Brit either.

    Islam doesn’t hold the balance of power in Europe atm so I think they better pull their heads in otherwise there might be scenes reminiscent of Sarajevo again.

  10. We need to apply an iron fist to these parasites now – mass deportations and for the select few .. judicial execution.

    To Yorkie and co,
    We fought the last war and won it together – The Union Jack helped but so did many others, and it was the USA that turned the tide. So your statements are based on misplaced pride – we now have a much more dangerous common enemy – let us work together to crush these islamic parasites now – we are unbeatable together!

  11. @theresaj;

    You speak of arrogance, I detect arrongance in your words. You say Yorkie knows nothing of his nation’s history? I put it to you that he knows more about it than you, you wee twerp. The British did rule the world, and yes it was brutal & bloody. Yes we killed, pillaged, and destroyed those weaker nations. Its called history, colonisation ended a long time ago. Muslims are invading like rats on a ship. At least when the British colonised nations we did it with some semblence of honour. The muslims seek to take over the world, and yet they aren’t prepared to fight for the right. At least not fairly, blowing up public transport killing civilians including women & children is not the act of an honourable people.

    The world has suffered from appeasing the muslim fanatics, and no more so than these small isles we call GREAT Britain. The muslims seek to take over, but it won’t happen. Not while the blood in my veins is still warm!

    Allah can suck my hairy white balls! 14/88

  12. ” Yes we killed, pillaged, and destroyed those weaker nations. “

    Really? Ever been to Hong Kong? Ever been to India? The Brits gave India a language, a railway & road-system, infrastructure and a judicial system that works for them till today.

    Dare to compare:

    The Islamic Conquest of India: Bloodiest in Human History

    In India the ruthlessness of muslim invaders continued for a thousand years.

    Will Durant, the famous historian summed it up like this:
    “The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within.”

    Koenraad Elst , the german historian writes in “Negation in India”

    The Muslim conquests, down to the 16th century, were for the Hindus a pure struggle of life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and the populations massacred, with hundreds of thousands killed in every campaign, and similar numbers deported as slaves. Every new invader made (often literally) his hills of Hindus skulls. Thus, the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population; the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. Hindu slaughter. The Bahmani sultans (1347-1480) in central India made it a rule to kill 100,000 captives in a single day, and many more on other occasions. The conquest of the Vijayanagar empire in 1564 left the capital plus large areas of Karnataka depopulated. And so on.

    As a contribution to research on the quantity of the Islamic crimes against humanity, we may mention that the Indian (subcontinent) population decreased by 80 million between 1000 (conquest of Afghanistan) and 1525 (end of Delhi Sultanate)..

    But the Indian Pagans were far too numerous and never fully surrendered. What some call the Muslim period in Indian history, was in reality a continuous war of occupiers against resisters, in which the Muslim rulers were finally defeated in the 18th century. Against these rebellious Pagans the Muslim rulers preferred to avoid total confrontation, and to accept the compromise which the (in India dominant) Hanifite school of Islamic law made possible. Alone among the four Islamic law schools, the school of Hanifa gave Muslim rulers the right not to offer the Pagans the sole choice between death and conversion, but to allow them toleration as zimmis (protected ones) living under 20 humiliating conditions, and to collect the jizya (toleration tax) from them. Normally the zimmi status was only open to Jews and Christians (and even that concession was condemned by jurists of the Hanbalite school like lbn Taymiya), which explains why these communities have survived in Muslim countries while most other religions have not. On these conditions some of the higher Hindu castes could be found willing to collaborate, so that a more or less stable polity could be set up. Even then, the collaboration of the Rajputs with the Moghul rulers, or of the Kayasthas with the Nawab dynasty, one became a smooth arrangement when enlightened rulers like Akbar (whom orthodox Muslims consider an apostate) cancelled these humiliating conditions and the jizya tax.

    It is because of Hanifite law that many Muslim rulers in India considered themselves exempted from the duty to continue the genocide on the Hindus (self-exemption for which they were persistently reprimanded by their mullahs). Moreover, the Turkish and Afghan invaders also fought each other, so they often had to ally themselves with accursed unbelievers against fellow Muslims. After the conquests, Islamic occupation gradually lost its character of a total campaign to destroy the Pagans. Many Muslim rulers preferred to enjoy the revenue from stable and prosperous kingdoms, and were content to extract the jizya tax, and to limit their conversion effort to material incentives and support to the missionary campaigns of sufis and mullahs (in fact, for less zealous rulers, the jizya was an incentive to discourage conversions, as these would mean a loss of revenue).

  13. Tony G,
    Go insult the mohammedans – not those fighting against them, you bloody idiot. Learn to use your brain!

  14. bloody idiot that you are yermami
    what do you make of spain the golden age of moslem
    when they came from all europe and other countries to study all kind of
    sciences, in Cordoba and Sevilla
    litlle knowledge is dangerous ! yermami!
    poor kaw you sound like a real Idiot !!!!

  15. Call me an idiot, brave. Grow up, internet insulting is like the special olympics, even if you win your still a retard. You speak of using brains, yet you resort to petty insults to make some sort of vague point. I can guarantee I’m more intelligent than you, I just don’t feel so insecure as I need to reinforce that fact to some faceless nobody on the world wide web. My time would be better spent scratching my balls & reading Harley manuals.

  16. TonyG
    History is alive and well and colonization has never ended.
    “At least when we colonized nations we did it with some semblance of honour.” Surely, truly you don’t believe this statement??? Do you call lying , cheating , starving , torturing , shooting , dismembering , hanging, imprisoning , theiving , upsurping honourable?
    All of my ancestors [three separate people groups] were brutalised by the British so I am entitled to my views.
    And Sheik , it was lot more than just Hong Kong and India and yes I have been to Hong Kong several times.
    My point is that perhaps the British people of today could learn something from those their ancestors previously looked down upon. Who fought them most doggedly? Who kept standing up to them? Who never gave up? Whose methods did they borrow and emulate?
    Who was most successful at holding on to their own culture and language?
    The British people are now in a similar position to what all these other people were in decades ago…what some of them would tell you is that they learned to endure.
    Sure the scenarios are different but there are parallels.
    I am passionately anti islam..probably like many writing here I see islam as a dark force engulfing the world. I am reminded of the ancient Jewish prophecy of the battle between the people of the darkness and the people of the light…does anyone know anymore about this?
    I appreciate Sheik that you remind us of the Muslim slaughter in is something that needs much more publicity.
    Cheers Kaw.

  17. Tony G,
    You are not particularly bright – learn to recognize the real enemy. It also helps if you could learn to spell. B.T.W. consider yourself intelligent when someone else calls you intelligent – self praise from a over-sensitive dimwit to itself has little meaning.

    Take care Theresa – again you make very good points. Let us hope that the “guardians” of once great Britain can understand what you have written.

  18. Sheik,
    The aim of this site is to inform and to help build up a coalition against both
    the invading islamists and their fifth column, as well as the people from our own communities who are aiding and abetting the enemy. While we may abuse mohammedans here [when deserved} we do not abuse each other. The two morons, Tony G and Porkie King, are not contributing anything useful, and their purpose seems to be to sow internal conflict. We do not need people like this, who have nothing to contribute and are intent on putting others down so that their own self-perceived worth can rise. Put these two clowns on short notice – we have a real enemy (islam) to deal with and, while distractions from a couple of intoxicated monkeys with a testosterone problem can be easily dealt with, I do not wish to waste time in dealing with these twits. So if they do not shape up it would be appreciated if you could ship them out. I feel that we should deal harshly with those from our own communities who hinder the reclamation of our home.

  19. Tony G.,
    Many of the people who read and contribute were aware of the muslim problem a long time before it crossed your radar. I, personally, have seen what these folks have been up to in three different countries. I have been involved in making people aware now of the real danger for nearly twenty years. From what Theresa writes she has seen quite a lot more than I. You folks have done little to stem the rot in the UK, assuming that is your place of origin. and you would do well to talk to others to learn what works and what does not work. You need to be able to organisie your local community against these invaders, and walking around proclaiming how bright you serves little purpose. Whether you acknowledge it or not we have been in a war with islam for over 1400 years, and since the birth of the muslim brotherhood in Egypt in the last century they have become very organised and dangerous. They can be beaten, but not by hairly chested men welding clubs. They can only be beaten by using the democratic processes that were built into our constitutions to protect our countries – using violence against these thugs does not work as one can win the battle but the aim is to win the war. That is achieved by denying these people access to resources, access to positions of political power (both in local, state and top-level government), ensuring that the law enforcement system is not hijacked by them, ensuring that the military is not weakened by them or by the far-left. None is that can be achieved with violence – you need to organize and wrest control of your government from the people who are doing so much damage now. The muslim strategy is long term, and relies extensively on saturating local populations with their offspring – to stop this we need to remove benefits for large muslim families etc etc. One muslim gentleman who is attempting to enter local UK politics has fathered 15 children whilst being unemployed – you folks are paying for his kids who will, if you cannot prevent it, form a dominant block in the voting system – and that will be very bad news for all non-muslim people regardless of color or belief. So you can pick fights here, which you will loose, or you can work together with the folks here to try and bring some sanity in our political and social systems. It is your choice – for the moment – later, if the muslim do actually win (and it is not certain that they can be defeated if things continue as now), none of us may have free will. As I wrote in an earlier email – recognize the real enemy – anything else is a waste of energy and time. Again it is your choice…

  20. Thanks kaw..I think we are all so different so we have many different is good to be able to discuss things.
    Sometimes my ideas are very different. At times I am not very good at expressing them.
    I have nothing against British people..have had British friends many of whom were great fun , very humerous..but as I see British men in particular when in the former ”colonies” they never ever stop talking..They are the best talkers on the planet but they never seem to stop talking long enough to listen to anything the local people have to say. This is not wise behaviour and talking alone won’t get them out of their current mess.
    As I understand it the people who stood up to the British most valiantly were the Irish , the Maori and the Mau Mau.

  21. Hi Thesesa,
    The Moaris were the toughest and they were not beaten. The Mau Mau were just terrorists who went around murdering homestedders, and the Irish defeated themselves. Lets hope that these folk can learn from others and this is what this site is about – apologies to Sheik if I am stealing his thunder – to talk and communicate ideas. Although I abuse the idiot islamists who prattle their rubbish here I would much prefer to use this site as a forum for ideas etc. Complaining about muslims is one thing – here we have an opportunity to use this site as a useful resource against these invaders and, at present, it is being wasted.

  22. Notice how most of you have completely went off topic with your ramblings, ERM… I have something to say, DO NOT write articles based on the lies of other articles and press coverage. Do not report on eye witness accounts as they are floored. Especially from the Islamic side,
    I was there, and I was closer to the police than the faggot reporters, I was Closer to the Demo. than any Muslim. I had a very good day out,. For all I care they can have Dudley, it’s a shit-hole. With a Shit Police force and a massive community of brainwashed liars. and that is fact! A

  23. Notice how most of you have completely went off topic with your ramblings, ERM… I have something to say, DO NOT write articles based on the lies of other articles and press coverage. Do not report on eye witness accounts as they are floored. Especially from the Islamic side,
    I was there, and I was closer to the police than the faggot reporters all of which are proven liars, I was Closer to the Demo. than any Muslim. I had a very good day out,. For all I care they can have Dudley, it’s a shit-hole. With a Shit Police force and a TINY community of brainwashed MUSLIM liars. and that is fact!
    The shit that happened in Dudley, would never happen in my Home city or bordering Cities. Oh wait a minute thats right,. Newcastle passed without incident! We have a good time, EDL 99% smiles. The UAF & Muslims, 99% Anger. Do the research.

  24. Dazzla,

    You should read things a little more carefully – a lot of what you you might call rambling is a serious discussion, though you may not have recognized it as such.

    Since you were there you can help me out.

    1) Was there a fatality, and if so what happened?

    2) Were protesters “run over” by a vehicle?

    3) Where there direct incitements to violence from muslims present?

    4) Where the police impartial in their treatment of protesters?

    5) Did the police atempt to prevent first aid reaching injured protesters?

    6) How many muslims did you see and did they appear organised?

    That will do for starters – if you cant answer a question just write “don’t know” or something similar.

    We have to rely on the MSM which is, to be polite, unreliable, so thanking you in advance for your replies. Also Dazzla, the folks in Dudley are against the mosque being built – it is simply a corrupt official that might be pushing
    the mosque through.

    Also, most of us are on the side of the EDL and are more than aware of the
    lies of the MSM.

  25. let them build their mosque then bomb it on a friday when its packed to the brim with the mohammedan vermin. Stupid demonstrations will do nothing good but expose the few sensible people left in the UK, answer terror with terror.

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