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Think tank’: Israeli strike against Iran would mean war

Its hard to understand that there are so many wakademic brain farts out there who get paid for this stuff:

A ‘think tank’ called the Oxford Research Group (stated agenda: “promotes non-violent solutions to conflicts”) has made the brilliant pronouncement that an Israeli attack on Iran would “be the start of a protracted conflict that would be unlikely to prevent the eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran and might even encourage it.” Of course, the ‘think tank’ didn’t think a whole lot about what the consequences of a nuclear Iran might be, nor did it even think about what other measures short of an Israeli attack might stop Iran from going nuclear.

The Oxford report estimated it might take three to seven years for Iran to develop a small arsenal of nuclear weapons if it decided to do so. It said there was no firm evidence such a decision had been taken by the Islamic Republic.

Any Israeli strike would be focused not only on destroying nuclear and missile targets but would also hit factories and research centers and even university laboratories to damage Iranian expertise, the report said.

This would cause many civilian casualties, it added.

Military action would include the direct bombing of targets in Tehran and probably include attempts to kill technocrats who managed Iran’s nuclear and missile programs, the report said.

Brilliant analysis. Where can I get a throwing around pithy platitudes like that?

Yes, of course, an Israeli strike against Iran could lead to a long war. But what are the choices? The US under Obama is more likely to start rounding up Republican supporters than it is to bomb Iran. And if there is no strike, we might find ourselves living with an Iranian nuclear weapon – one that could even be set off by Hamas or Hezbullah at their whim.

Are you comfy?

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  1. “The one thing Militarists (like Islam) and Pacifists (like Liberals) can agree on is that there should be NO resistance to the use of Force!”


  2. I loved your “My allah is better than yers”! Nice ditty!

    Wanna cover this one? (To the theme song of The Flintstones):

    “Muslims, meet the muslims, they’re a modern stone-age legacy!

    From their, towns of mud-rocks, they will launch at us dark fantasies!

    They will never get it right but they’ll still plot all through the night!

    When they, can’t enslave us, they will blow us all to hell fine, cause islam is a hate-crime, “it’s not your way it’s all mine, inshallah it is now our time!”

    When you, meet the muslims, you’ll have an allah ballyhoo time, a yabba-dabba-do time, you’ll have a gay old time!”

    (Oh well; I’m sure you’re quite capable of making up your own aditional lyrics, too)!

    Wouldn’t it be fun & apropros if, every time we same a pack of burqa-babes or some such, we Westerners all started whistling that little ditty under our breaths?


  3. Saul

    “The one thing Militarists (like Islam) and Pacifists (like Liberals) can agree on is that there should be NO resistance to the use of Force!”
    only by western side! the opponent may use force or any action he find useful – after all he is fighting a war, isn’t he?

  4. * “Muslims, meet the muslims, they’re a modern stone-age legacy!

    One from the 2007 Eid bloodfest , following a suicide bombing in a Pakistan mosque:

    Let me tell you a story ’bout a man named Ahmed
    Brainwashed Jihadi wanted lots of brothers dead
    Then one day as they celebrated Eid
    He blew himself up and really made them bleed

    Blood that is
    Red gold
    Terrorist tea
    So have another helpin’ of Mo’s hospitality

  5. Another one inspired by the muslim spongers in Manchester a few years back:

    [UNEMPLOYED scrounger Mohammed Salim is getting the state to pay for him, his wife and their ELEVEN kids-because he can’t be bothered to go to work. ]

    Ballad of Noreen and Mohammed

    Little ditty, about Noreen and Mohamm
    Two married cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm the teacher latched onto a plan
    Noreen pops out li’l jihadis just as fast as she can

    Got a five bedroom house in Greater Man
    Two tellies, computer, and a minivan
    Brightly coloured toys for the kids on the benefit scam
    They get their guidance from the “holy” Koran

    Dhimmies provide well for Noreen and Mohamm
    2 muslim cousins spongin’ in the Dar al Harb-land
    Mohamm runs a Party called “Long Live Islam”
    To attack the system in the Dar al Harb-land

    (apology to John Mellencamp)

  6. Eleven children, whom he is almost certainly NOT supporting. We have a major problem with the growth rate of humans and potential resource conflicts. These idiot muslims are simply making the problems worse for all and allah (who does NOT exist) is not in a position to help muslims from their own stupidity. A total lack of respect for others, the environment, and our home (the Earth), and all because a criminal from 600 AD forced others to accept his idiotic logic with a sword – it could not get its message across any other way!

  7. Eleven kids. I stopped at one because I couldn’t even afford to properly care for one after my husband died, and he was Viet Vet. I am fed up, really fed up with this crap. I, out of necessity, learned to live below the poverty level and found that there are MANY things that can be done with out. I got booed out of a college speech course for speaking on birth control, population explosion and instituting some of the measures the Chinese were adopting in the mid-70’s.

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