Syria: “the freedom sack opposes the morals and values of the academy”

Who’s banning what?

Andrew Bolt

Not just racist Christians who ban burqas

Yet another government reveals its Islamophobia by banning the burqa:

The Syrian minister of higher education has prohibited the entrance of veiled female students into universities and colleges throughout the country, news agencies reported Sunday.

Daily Star

SYRIA has become the first Muslim country to ban the burka, claiming the face mask encourages Islamic extremism.   (Not really. In Tunisia the secret police also  rips  the “portable seclusion”  off  when women flaunt it in public)

Elder of Ziyon

Guess who bans the burqa?

Is Ibrahim Hooper saying anything negative about Syria?

Last January, an Egyptian court upheld a ban of the veil during university exams. And last year Al Azhar University’s religious head banned the veil at all Al Azhar schools altogether.

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