The Chopping Block

Yet Another Muselmanic Contribution to science, math, and engineering:

Muslim fanatics (are there any other ones?) in Kerala on Sunday chopped off the right hand of a college lecturer, accusing him of setting a question paper with a derogatory reference to the Prophet.Professor was Mutilated over Exam Question… (RoP)

NYC Mosque Forcing Muslim Call to Prayer on Neighborhood

More Islamic supremacism. Now they want to impose the cacophonous call to prayer on an NY community. What about non-Muslims in the neighborhood? What about those who find that wailing a form of torture? What about noise laws? Imagine if you had to be subjected to this torture five times a day.

NYC  Bronx Mosque Forcing Call to Prayer on Neighborhood (video)

Imposing sharia on the infidels, wherever they might be, which is increasingly all across the United States of America. (Creeping sharia) via Atlas Shrugs

Spencer: Muslims lying about Islamic atrocities

In Human Events today: As Muslims around the world continue to deny basic human rights to women and non-Muslims, Muslim spokesmen maintain a pattern of denial and deception.    Read it all

From the Religion of Peace:

Butchers Mourn Master Butcher

Abbas misses mastermind of Munich Olympics massacre: “A wonderful brother, companion,  tough and stubborn, relentless fighter”

CNN Weeps for Jihadist Hezb’Allah Grand Ayatollah

Octavia Nasr, CNN’s Cheerleader for Hezbollah: Sad to hear of the passing of Sayyed Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah. One of Hezbollah’s giants I respect a lot….Atlas Shrugs

Sheik Fadlallah’s Conspiracy Crapola

Freisinger Interview

(in French)

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