The Way Of The Cuckoo

From the magnificent Sultan Knish, otherwise known as Daniel Greenfield

Daniel is a columnist born in Israel and currently living in New York City. He is a contributing editor at Family Security Matters and writes a daily blog column on Islamic Terrorism, Israeli and American politics and Europe’s own clash of civilizations which can be found at

The common cuckoo has a very simple reproductive strategy. It lays its eggs in the nests of other birds, which then drive out the chicks of that bird’s own species. Instead the bird raises the cuckoo’s young as its own. The name for this sort of behavior is brood parasitism. Which is a name that we should be very familiar with as our society has fallen victim to it.

Take the case of Arizona. Or so many other US states which are going bankrupt trying to cover the health care and services of illegal aliens and other members of the Democratic party base. Then think about the small bird on the side trying to feed the massive young of another species, who has already murdered its own children. Or consider Europe, where the cuckoo’s eggs of the Muslim world are hatching with the full benefits of a socialist system paid for by the very generation most directly victimized by them.

This is the Way of the Cuckoo. It is the way of the Muslim world, whose social stratification and heavy corruption leads to societies with limited room for advancement, even as its population continues to boom thanks to Western medicine and Islamic religion. The Muslim world exports that population to the West, where taxpayers fund their reproduction and raise their young. Only to have those same young murder them. And much like the cuckoo’s victims, rather than learn our lesson, we just keep repeating the process over and over again.

Whether it’s Mexico, whose economy is built on money sent home by illegal aliens working American jobs, or Europe, where the Muslim cuckoos go to bed listening to the discordant music of Islamist preachers, or Israel, where the descendants of Egyptian and Syrian guest workers attracted by the post WW1 boom under the British are being paid to have more children by the Israeli government even as they chant “Death to Israel”– the problem of the cuckoo can be seen everywhere in the civilized world.

The cuckoo succeeds because its treachery takes advantage of the nutritive instincts of other birds. Similarly the human cuckoos succeed they exploit our own altruistic and nurturing feelings. Which prevent us from breaking the cycle. The siren song of immigration remains a deeply appealing one for socialists whose economic models can only be balanced out by a surplus of new workers to replace an aging tax base that has come to view socialism’s entitlements as a fundamental right. And of course overturning the social order has always been a political boon for the left, which cultivates outsiders as a weapon against insiders. But none of this could succeed without public acceptance. Without millions of people willing to be convinced that raising cuckoo’s eggs is their highest moral duty.

To do this, like the birds whose nests fall prey to the cuckoo’s eggs, they must play on natural human instincts. And the liberal tool for this has always been the promotion of a non-reciprocal borderless altruism, which you may know by its more popular brand name of “Think Globally, Act Locally.” Promoting altruism within a society of course is very different than promoting limitless altruism. Within a society, altruism serves as a social glue binding people together. It discourages excessive monopolization of wealth by the rich and encourages people to see each other as brothers and sisters. However when applied globally by a nation, particularly toward a globe that is not willing to reciprocate, it will destroy that nation. What you get is the Way of the Cuckoo, which takes but doesn’t give anything in return.

Liberalism elevates altruism, because it is a useful tool against the upper class, and because it is hostile to the monopolization of money, but not power. This allows the left to monopolize power by encouraging the redistribution of wealth. But money is simply the power to employ energy. It is not money that is at the root of all evil, but power. Specifically power over others. Yet while the left champions the redistribution of wealth, it does this by enforcing the centralization of power. The natural outcome of this is to reverse the social and political gains made through the elevation of a mercantile middle class, while creating a new feudalism based on economic control, rather than religion and the divine right of kings. And what better accessory to a new feudalism than by importing a population from countries whose populations live lives that are as constrained and backward as any feudal despotism.

This brings us to the perversion of immigration. Emma Lazarus’ famous poem inscribed on the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty is commonly used in the veneration of immigration. But this is done without paying very much attention to the actual words.

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles.

Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free

The key phrase here is “yearning to breathe free”. Immigration only works when the people immigrating want to do so in order to gain freedom by it. Not when they want to continue living as they did before. Then they are simply a conquering demographic army because rather than participating in an open system, they will try to close it down to suit their own culture and expectations.

That again is the cuckoo problem. Immigration enriched America only so long as those coming aboard wanted a society in which they could have more advancement and opportunities than they could enjoy in their old one. When people who only want a government that covers all their needs and prevents anyone from criticizing their beliefs, then they aren’t yearning to breathe free. When additionally they want to tear down the society that exists and replace it with their own language, religion and values– then they’re acting as cuckoo’s eggs. And the end result of the cuckoo’s eggs hatching is the death of the parent species.

Immigration is the process by which eggs are placed in the nest of another country. If the chicks in the new eggs can coexist and cooperate with the old, then the nation will be perpetuate. On the other hand if they try to kill the chicks of the existing species and dominate then nest, then immigration becomes brood parasitism. Which if left unchecked will destroy the parent species.

That is the crisis that much of the civilized world faces today as their population is being replaced by the cuckoos, from eggs that their own social systems have sat on, warmed and hatched. A false sense of altruism serves as the misplaced instinct dooming these countries, even as cynical lefty politicians exploit the cuckoo’s eggs for a short term voting base and solution to socialism’s shortfalls, while the long term is still Enoch Powell’s rivers of blood.

Birds who wish to survive drive off the cuckoos before they can lay their eggs in their nests. And if not, they toss those eggs out before they hatch. If they fail to do this, then their species will have to make way for the cuckoos.

7 thoughts on “The Way Of The Cuckoo”

  1. Agreed Cecilie and Siddi,

    But isn’t the major problem the PC morons in our own communities who seem hell bend on destroying our cultures with a failed model of “integration at any cost”? We can do something about these morons – we can mobilize against them and throw them out of every responsible position which they infest. But we must act quickly.

  2. It will not stop as long as the government throws money at ‘interfaith dialogue’ doctors, kumbaya exercises and foot-baths in universities.
    It will not stop until the media starts getting behind us and reports honestly what’s at stake, but that would mean stepping on many toes.
    It will not stop until large numbers of people get together to educate themselves about what we’re up against: a monster that will devour us.
    It will not stop until we start marching in the streets.
    It will get worse, much worse if we keep squandering the wealth of the nation to settle hostile soldiers of Allah here among us, at an absurd cost and with no benefit to the nation.

    We still have a chance. But the clock is ticking…..

  3. An election is apparently about to be called. Will there be a clear choice, or just a “least worst” option? As in Dog Day Afternoon, many are siding with the muslims – “some of the most vulnerable”, “misunderstood minority”, “islam is peace”, and the above the Sheik mentions in the vain hope of coexisting with them.

    Vote [1] for No Change, just badge engineering.

  4. They are parasites but I prefer to compare them to lice.
    They breed like crazy, feed off the host and cause untold misery and irreparable damage to the host if not controlled or irradicated.

  5. this should help understand why Obama pushes for abortion so much. It’s a cuckoo strategy of dumping the natural eggs and replacing them with its own…to be fed by… u guessed it.

    it would be interesting to do a study on muslims in political positions in the west and find out what is their stance for the nonmuslim population on these very topics…

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