There is no compulsion in religion…

…but there is no soup for you either, infidel: Pakistani soup kitchen won’t serve Christians

Apologists for Islam like to quote Qur’an 2:256, which states that there is “no compulsion in religion.” There are, however, myriad forms of coercion, from the jizya tax mandated by Qur’an 9:29 to oppressive dhimma laws, and of course, outright warfare and all of its provisions for plunder, captivity, slavery, and rape (sex with captives and slaves, per Qur’an 4:24).

That same dynamic is in play here: There is no compulsion in religion, but they’ll do their utmost to make non-Muslims “an offer they can’t refuse.” “Punjab soup kitchen forbidden to Christians,” from Asia News, via JW

There is no compulsion in religion…

…unless a Moslem wants to leave Islam. Because that’s

“a Crime Worthy of Death”

“He who leaves his Islamic religion, kill him”, said Muhammad, profit of Islam. Mention it and the soldiers of Allah in your neck of the woods will call you a bigot-racist-Islamophobe and scream on top of their lungs that its all not true and we got it all wrong. But in countries where Muslims have the upper hand, the killers are everywhere:

Muslims Attempt to Behead ‘Apostate’ in Egypt, via RoP

CAIRO, Egypt (ANS) — The latest in a string of failed attempts by Muslim fanatics on the life of an Egyptian man who publicly converted to Christianity in 2008 happened on July 5.

“They were aiming at my neck to behead me,” said Maher in an interview with the US-based Hope Coptic TV Channel. “Something inspired me to turn and give them my shoulder, instead of facing them, which was lucky.” Read it all>>>>

Baron Bodissey has more:

The video below is a German news report about the plight of Egyptian Muslims who have converted to Christianity. It’s an urgent reminder of why we need tomake the world safe for apostasy. Many thanks to JLH for the translation and toVlad Tepes for the subtitling

A full transcript is here…..

00:00 Maher El Gohary and his fourteen year-old daughter today in front of the state court building in Cairo
00:09 They want to gain the right to leave Egypt.
00:11 They say the police, as harassment, have refused them permission.
00:15 “Since we converted to Christianity, our future is ruined.
00:21 We are discriminated against. I do not believe that we will receive justice.”
00:24 Although they converted to Christianity years ago, they are still officially Muslims,
00:31 because the authorities refuse to enter the change of religion in their identification papers,
00:38 although that would be permissible according to the constitution.
00:40 The Goharys live clandestinely in Cairo. Maher’s daughter was forced
00:46 to attend Islamic instruction and because she is officially a Muslim,
00:49 she can never marry a Christian.
00:52 Moreover, they fear for their lives. “We will run, under threat.
01:00 Radical sheikhs have called for our blood to be shed.
01:03 We are afraid of the uneducated people on the street.”
01:07 In fact, apostasy in the eyes of many fanatics, is a crime worthy of death.
01:15 Condemnation by the sheikhs can be interpreted as a death order.
01:20 One of their spokesmen, Jussuf Al-Badri, whose fatwas…
01:24 — religious opinions — are especially feared by converts.
01:28 “God has commanded us to kill those who leave Islam.”
01:34 According to Badri, conversion to Christianity is a fatal sin.
01:40 Bishoy Boulos, too, has converted to Christianity.
01:44 According to his Pass, he is still a Muslim
01:47 Bishoy blames the sheikhs, but also the government.
01:50 “The sheikhs have called for me to be killed, …
01:53 … my house has been set on fire, I have been shot at,
01:57 If they kill us, the government will not punish the murderers.”
02:01 According to information from the Coptic Church,
02:04 hundreds want to convert from Islam to Christianity,
02:08 but the government refused recognition and is fomenting a climate of fear.
02:13 “The interior minister himself wrote in a letter that was published in a newspaper:
02:19 Converts are to be killed.”
02:22 However, anyone who wishes to moves from Christianity to Islam is very welcome.
02:25 Recognition and entry in the Pass (of the new status) are immediate.

4 thoughts on “There is no compulsion in religion…”

  1. Yes, muslims are such models of compassion, aren’t they? Especially when it comes to charity, they treat all needy people with the same amount of empathy /sarc off

  2. Under Sharia laws – no non-muslims are to receive zakat. Therefore what we see today is the lack of caring not only in giving of food, but of any care of the victims of their violent jihadists. When they tell us that the violent ones are misunderstanding islam, or we are misunderstanding islam – the only energy they expend is directed at us with their ‘taqiyya-dribble’.

    Sharia law: h8.24 It is not permissible to give zakat to a non-Muslim, or to whom one is obliged to support such as a wife or family member.

    And the no compulsion of religion is basically something they tell us while the face of islam is in their Meccan phase, or peaceful phase. When they start morphing into their Medina phase (more and more violence and demands) the compulsion will increase. And there is indeed compulsion for non-muslims to follow sharia laws. Or else there would be no demands on us to bring back segregation for them, prayer rooms/foot baths, for us to follow their dress code, to not prostelytize to muslims (as in Dearborn this year), etc etc etc.

    In fact, if one looks at their sharia laws you will see that many of its laws are made for us – for them to do whatever they want to us and how restricted non-muslims are, how we are to behave around ‘the muslim masters’, etc. ( I almost choked on that last bit!)

  3. Ban ISLAM from the USA. NY’s Cuomo,Bloomberg and others are Dhimmis,regarding the NY Mosque at Ground Zero.

  4. Somalia: Muslims murder convert from Islam to Christianity

    Somehow these two “Muslim extremists” got the crazy idea that a Muslim who converted to Christianity should be killed. You would almost get the idea that Islam has a death penalty for apostasy, and that Muhammad’s dictum “If anyone changes his religion, kill him” was actually taken seriously among Muslims. It sure is good that there are so many kindly and learned Muslim experts like Salam al-Marayati, M. Cherif Bassiouni, and Ali Eteraz who assure us that it isn’t so. I am confident that they are on their way to Somalia now to explain to Al-Shabaab members that if they think apostates from Islam should be killed, they are Misunderstanding Islam.

    “New Christian Convert from Islam Murdered in Somalia,” from Compass Direct News, April 20:

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