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Muslim Doctor Watch:

Pakistan: Muslim Doctor rapes Christian student Nurse and attempts to murder her by throwing her out the window

Karachi: July 13, 2010. (PCP) Muslim doctor throws her from fourth floor of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center Karachi after raping her, it is hospital named on Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, where all doctors are Muslims and non a Christian.

The visitors of patient see Magdalene Ashraf, a girl in nursing uniform being thrown from fourth floor by a person in white coat of doctors and call hospital security.   The victim is a Christian aged 23 and daughter of a poor Christian Ashraf Masih who dreams good future for his daughter Magdalene after graduation in JPMC School of Nursing. More>>

No wonder they’ll all go to hell:

Indonesian Muslims told to change prayer direction

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia’s Muslims learned on Friday they have been praying in the wrong direction, after the country’s highest Islamic authority said its directive on the direction of Mecca actually had people facing Africa.

Indonesia Islamic cops jailed for gang-raping woman

Mohammed Nazir, 29, and Feri Agus, 28, were found guilty of raping a 20-year-old student in a police station in January after she was arrested with her boyfriend under local laws designed to enforce Islamic morals.

Morality police without morals, what’s the world coming to?


From the RoP:

Islam Must be Stopped

Truth over political correctness – before it’s too late.  (Amil Imani)

Khomeini on “Peaceful Islam”

Iran’s famed Mullah devoted a lifetime to studying Islam. What did he conclude? (Jihad Watch)

Summary on “Muslim Doctor” links:

The crux with Muslim doctors

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  1. Saladin,
    It seems you and your co-religionists have been busy hurting innocent people, raping young women, and murdering in general – business as usual is it for the religion of the pedophile rapist???

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