UK: "Forced Marriage Unit" Established

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“Forced Marriage Unit” …. When Things go Horribly Wrong

The UK Foreign Commonwealth office and established “forced marriage units” offering help to those terrified that they might be forced into marriage or are worried about a friend or relative. It was this the reason we created the SIOA honor killing campaign on taxis.

Is Marital Rape a Crime in America or Is It a Muslim Religious Right? Read the complete original version of this item… by Phyllis Chesler/Pajamas Media

More Eyewitness Accounts of Police-Sanctioned Attacks on the EDL in Dudley

It has become increasingly clear that the Islamic supremacists have the UK police acting as a military arm for their jihad. There should be a special prosecutor named in an investigation of these crimes by law enforcement.

The media’s role in this obfuscation and cover-up is criminal. The EDL reports are here

Shotgun Totin’ British Conservatives

If the EDL is so dangerous that members must be fired at with shotguns and dragged out of their vehicles, then where are the charges against them?

How to beat your wife correctly:

Reform: Muslim Cleric Teaches Not to Break Bones When Beating Wife

How Not to Break Bones When Beating Wife

Wife beating according to the Koran,” a video of the teachings of a Muslim cleric in Bahrain in 2005, is a making the rounds again in the Middle East. “Breaking bones is not allowed.”

Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: Parents Should Choose Sports for Their Children That Prepare Them for Jihad (Jawa Report)

Pat Condell: The Enemy Within (Nobody puts it quite like this guy.)

Saudi Cleric Calls for Ban On Non-Muslim Housemaids...(this would be a good thing. But it won’t happen….)

Muslim Cleric Accuses Christian Official of Blasphemy for Denouncing Murder of Christians… (Blasphemy is a worse crime than murder. Insulting the profit of Islam gets you killed and your killer off the hook….)

The “chosen” freedom sack:

Bengal Teacher Not Allowed to Teach without Burqa…

‘Right’ to Wear Burqa Wearing Thin “The right to cover your face in public is not a fundamental human right. The right to equality is.”

Liberty, Freedom, Tolerance & Multicultural Befuddlement:

Christian Science Monitor (!) Shills for Death Penalty for Apostates

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  1. re: Is marital rape a crime in America or is it a muslim religious ‘right’?
    The religious consideration of this case was falacious on every point, including the ignored fact that the ‘husband’ had already applied his religious right to ‘divorce’ the woman by repeating 3x the divorce demand. . . or was that not ‘religious’ enough for this pathetic ‘judge’?

  2. Forced Marriage Unit? why establish such a unit for a problem that officially does not exist?

    “Islam is a Religion of Peace” and ” Islamic women are set free by Islam,have more rights than men” blah blah blah da de dah dah dah

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