UK: Its "RACIST" to disagree with Muslim parents who withdraw their kids from music lessons…

When any criticism of Islam is “racist” then of course, we are all proud RACISTS:

Evening Standard, 1 July 2010

See “Muslim parents ‘banning children from music lessons'”, BBC News, 1 July 2010/Sheik yer’mami reported, here: There is no music in Islam….

Indigo Jo’s Yusuf Smith throws a hissy fit:

So a tiny minority of Muslim parents withdraw their children from music lessons. Is that revelation of such importance as to qualify it to be the lead item on this evening’s BBC London News programme? Viewers were invited to send in their comments, which were of course uniformly negative. You can just imagine the sort of racist opinions the report must have provoked but which were not read out on air. This sort of irresponsible reporting just feeds an Islamophobic narrative that depicts Muslims as an alien presence in British society.

Indigo Jo Blogs, 1 July 2010

Of course Yusuf’s problem is not that the kids are  deprived of one of the greatest joys in life. Yusuf has a problem with those who report it, because that is “irresponsible” and  “feeds an Islamophobic narrative that depicts Muslims as an alien presence…” Well Yusuf, alien they are and “Islamophobia” doesn’t exist. But your hatred for the non Muslim is real……

(Indigo Jo Blogs is the soapbox of Islamic supremacist Yusuf Smith who showed up on Jihad Watch a few years back in a most illuminating exchange, defending female genital mutilation, polygamy and child marriage (among other things). Indigo Jo also caused  Patrick Sookhdeo being threatened with death by some of his coreligionists. Yusuf did not, of course, call them devils.

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10 thoughts on “UK: Its "RACIST" to disagree with Muslim parents who withdraw their kids from music lessons…”

  1. * UK: Its “RACIST” to disagree with Muslim parents

    But apparently not “racist” to forbid listening to, or playing music?

    Die, Britain – put your gangrenous carcase out of its self-imposed misery.

  2. Another British “expert” desires to embrace the islamic cult of death:
    Do any of these “experts” consider what allah has said on “integration” and the like?

    EU should embrace Islam: Expert
    Matthew MacLachlan, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Fri, 07/02/2010

    [A leading British academic has called for greater assimilation between the EU and Islam, citing Indonesia as a key example of a peaceful coexistence between Muslims and a democratic government.

    Professor Mike Hardy OBE, an expert in Islam, described the rise of xenophobic forces in Europe and the political, legislative and economic measures needed to counter them, at a seminar designed to provoke an interfaith dialogue between the EU and Islam organized by the European Union Delegation to Indonesia, the Indonesian Foreign Ministry and the British Council.]

    [Hardy identified that most Muslims are highly concentrated in region-specific areas, often linked with high crime rates and poverty, stating that immigrant Muslims are “mostly driven by socioeconomic realities, than cultural choice.”]

    * I’ve smelt that BS before.

    1. Thanks Mullah.

      I checked, couldn’t find much though.

      Let me guess: commies, both of them, on a government paid ticket to Indonesia, skewered on satay and filled with Nasi Goreng. Is that all it takes for them to sing the Islamic battle song?

  3. Mike Hardy = British Council (dhimmies?)

    Mike is based in London and leads our programmes in the areas of intercultural dialogue, such as our school links and youth exchange programmes.

    [ * Multiculturalism
    * Indonesia
    * How best to engage with the Islamic world
    * Cultural relations programmes around the world]

    Iron will not alloy with clay, Mike, not even if a “professor” tries it.

  4. WoJ has been slow to load recently?

    Hmm, not that I noticed, it works fine for me. It can get overloaded at times, which might cause slow loading. Let me know if you have any more problems, please.

    British Council dhimmitude? You bet. Just like in our universities, they’re paid to swim in pond scum. However, for a “leading wakademic” Professor Mike Hardy OBE doesn’t seem to amount to much, since I couldn’t find anything on his background or published worx.

  5. They perescute themselves harder than anyone else could be bothered. But if you have an opinion about it they can get very upset. That’s what comes from living in an intellectual strait jacket like Islam. No music, no pleasure, afraid of what Allah (that great figment of their own negative mind set) might think of them.

  6. MacLachlan is a moron!

    Sounds like hes never been to Indonesia, Its the perfect modern day example of the hatred and death Islam brings. 300 years ago Java was the same as Bali.

    Poso, Ambon, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Aceh, Jakarta 1998, East Timor, Bekasi 2010, Even is this prat cant read a book these are all events are all videoed.

    Whats more they show England’s immediate future!

  7. And whats more those events of horrific violence all occurred between people of similar ethnic groups, not different races like white English and Pakistani’s or Northern Africans!

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