UK: Muslims are the real victims of 7/7, and they're still angry….

I think I must be chokin’ on sump’in:

The other 7/7 victims: Five years on, British Muslims reveal how the bombings left them angry, ashamed – and afraid (unbelievable that the Daily Mail prints this shit/ed)

these wretched creatures portray themselves as victims and threaten British citizens with more attacks unless they pay the jiziya with willing submission, while feeling subdued:

A leader of the Muslim community in Leeds today said that the anger that fuelled the four bombers is still felt among some young men in the area.

Kiran Randhawa/London Evening Standard

Akhlaq Mir also called on the Government to “face up” to its responsibilities and help them fight terrorism.

Mr Mir said: “There are still feelings there that triggered the bombings. As far as the Muslim youth are concerned, our soldiers are out in Afghanistan killing people every day and they are angry and they are frustrated.”

Mr Mir, chairman of an education centre in the Chapeltown area of the city, added: “We try to educate them, we tell them what Islam says.

“But the fear is always there that some of them will follow a path that they shouldn’t.

“The Government needs to do more, to provide projects like ours with funding and also give some of these young people a voice, so they can vent their anger and feel like they are being listened to without resorting to violence.”


Double Speak and Hypocrisy (the useful idiots)

Kasim Nasir, 27, who was an imam at a mosque used by Shehzad Tanweer, Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan and Jermaine Lindsay, said residents in Beeston were horrified by what they did, but that the responsibility to deter young men from radicalisation lies with the Government.

He said: “People are disgusted by what they did, but people aren’t concerned that others from here will follow the same path, because that is not the message this mosque or any other gives out.

“The problem is outside the mosque and therefore the Government needs to sort it out.”

Fahad Khan, 23, who works with Muslim teenagers in Beeston, said: “The bombers hijacked the Islamic faith in a negative way. We don’t want July 7 to be a legacy of Beeston or Leeds and so we are working hard to change that. Everyone wants to move on.”

A friend of the families of Tanweer, Hussain and Khan, said today was the day for the 52 innocent people killed but said the families “can’t understand how their sons could have done this and they will never get the answers to their questions”.

They can find answers here. But will they bother to learn about  what makes the jihadists tick?

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  1. For anyone in the UK:

    Akhlaq Mir is a “leader” at the Al-Hassan Education Centre
    which is funded by the BIG Lottery Fund

    [Welcome to Al-Hassan Education Centre
    Apna Centre Recieves Funding
    Al Hassan has successfully secured a capital grant from the Big Lottery Fund for use in constructing the Apna Community Centre]

  2. Any muslim anger will be more than offset by Government / Police / Security Service appeasement and affirmation of islam as peaceful, hijacked by a tiny minority (etc).

  3. Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that change darkness into light, and light into darkness; that change bitter into sweet, and sweet into bitter.

    ISAIAH 5:20

  4. “A leader of the Muslim community in Leeds today said that the anger that fuelled the four bombers is still felt among some young men in the area.”

    What more proof does the

  5. Oh, poor them. My “heart” “goes out” to them. Whatever will they think of next?
    Oh, hang on. I think we know. Another bombing.

  6. Of course, in muslim eyes, this is a “hate site”, and we need to stop “hating on islam” and take up a hobby …

    Cobby, what’s your hobby today?

    Blowing up tube trains, buses, bars and clubs, throwing acid in women’s faces, beheading infidels, and whining about how victimized we are …

  7. (unbelievable that the Daily Mail prints this shit/ed)

    The mail has a long history of supporting outside forces that wish to invade Britain: in the run up to WWII, the mail openly supported a policy of appeasement and alliance with Hitler, alongside the British Union of Fascists. Totally useless arse-rag, I only read their website because it is a lot more user friendly than other newspapers, I come to websites like this and others for my daily dose of proper news!

  8. Don’t forget stoning the alleged unfaithful, chopping off the hands of people who for some reason piss you off, hanging queers (made to be homosexual by eating pork), banning music, burning down schools with girls (I’m running out of finger power)

  9. Again the classic syndrome of islam – do not accept responsibility for your actions and blame others. No thank you!! Any angry muslim can take it and its logic to a toilet and flush both to the sewers.

  10. They are always victims..they are always angry…. they always need a voice…….they always have an excuse…
    They are so boring and predictable.
    The 7th of July belongs to the REAL victims, their families and friends. This day belongs to them and to them alone. God Bless all of them.

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