UK: slipping into darkness

Talibanization of Britain: Windows blacked out to protect “modesty” of Muslim women swimmers (JW)

A council has sparked anger after officials blacked out windows on a glass-panelled swimming pool “to protect the modesty of Muslim women.”

Daily Mail

In other news:  Project Humble Pie

Hidden cameras in areas of Birmingham with large Muslim populations will be removed and any counter terrorism involvement stopped, police say. Al BeBeeCeera/ Salma Yaqoob is pleased: Police apologise for Birmingham spy camera outrage

Good news:

U.K.: Most jihadists are “British-born, under the age of 30, educated and likely to be employed”


Dangerous Policy of Muslim Appeasement in the U.K.

Replacing the natives with a Mohammedan proletariat is not working too well:

Thirty years ago, there were 82,000 Muslims in the UK. At present, their number has swelled to 2.5 million. In other words, there has been a 30-fold increase in Muslim population in 30 years. According to the 2001 census, total population of the United Kingdom was 58,789,194. Following table shows the increase in Muslim population in the UK from 2004 to 2008:

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15 thoughts on “UK: slipping into darkness”

  1. Well I guess the English are finding out what it means to be colonized!

    Getting back some of what their ancestors dished out, without a fight apparently.

    1. Sri, I don’t think the British have anything to apologize for.

      Least of all things colonization. What the Brits left behind was worth far more than what they took with them.

  2. Sri, if a criminal happens to mug someone and rob them, are you then quite happy to arrest, charge and convict someone else with no relation whatsoever to the crime, who condemns that crime and the criminal who perpetrated it and who did not benefit from it, merely because they share the same nationality? Furthermore, are you not being unjust in not recognising that these same criminals also dispossessed native Englishmen and women of their common land and thereby their livelihoods? I take it that you do not believe in the concept of individual responsibility and thus subscribe to some form of totalitarian collectivist ideology?

  3. While they are blacking out things:

    Blackpool (OK as it is); Whitechapel Road -> Blackmasjid Road; Brighton -> Dullton; Whitehall -> Blackhall; Number 10 -> Number 12 (ready for the 12th imam); Traitors Gate -> Dhimmis Gate (much the same thing).

  4. 20 or 30 years ago, we were told that we were entering a post-industrial age, where services (like tourism, hospitality & call-centres) would replace manufacturing. The reality is that the manufacturing jobs went to China, and lately Indonesia, Bangla Desh, while the call centres went to India and the Phillipines, and the “services” we ended up with were social services to “refugees”, diversity training to educate us to accept the “emerging paradigm”, and “cultural enrichment” for us to “celebrate” whether we wanted it, or not. Next comes the banning of Christianity, the rise of Mystery Babylon and the Beast it initially controls, and the final step – the destruction of Israel, the “root cause” of all “grievances”.

    This time, satan (whether masquerading as allah or in its own right) will be determined not to fail, but the God of Israel will come to the rescue. Bad luck for dying Britain – chose to fawn over allah and islam, & allowed its society to be destroyed from within. What will Julia do?

  5. Exactly, Urban 11 🙂

    Julia Gillard, new Prime Minister of Australia, replacing Kevin Rudd.

    If it was Kevin 747, it is perhaps Julia 787 (Dreamliner) now.

  6. I’m just watching Foreign Correspondent, showing the fruits of islam in Kabul – women in pillarbox prisons, limbless children … what allah wants to inflict all over the planet. Time to change channels – Top Gear – that’s better, the sight of the ABC’s dhimmi reporters in veils was too much.

  7. Being Irish Australian,I disagree with sheikyermami,can you tell me of one,just one,country the bloody british occupied solely for that country’s betterment,no,I didn’t think so,all they done was kill and take,if the country ended up better off,it was an accident,example,railways in India,because it made the “crown in british empire” easier to rape.
    I think it would be a waste of time to enumerate the atocities the mongrels perpetrated in Ireland,and many other countries

  8. Hey,sheik,try getting on the internet,and type in “Hong Kong,opium”,and see what comes up,and this is not my opinion

  9. Jim, HK is my second home. I lived and worked there for years. I studied the history and I was there the day it was handed back to China.

    I’m free of guilt complexes and untouched by revisionist history.

    The Brits have every reason to be proud of their achievements. For me, opium doesn’t come into the equation.

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