UK: the Usual Suspects Throw Hissy Fits Over Surveillance Cameras in Muslim Areas

WoJ reported:

Condom Kingdom — Winds Of Jihad

Birmingham stops camera surveillance in Muslim areas

Project halted after Guardian exposed use of 200-plus cameras in predominantly Muslim areas for counterterrorism

A project to spy on two Muslim areas in Birmingham using more than 200 CCTV cameras has been dramatically halted after an investigation by the Guardian revealed it was a counterterrorism initiative.

Bags are being placed over the cameras, recently installed in the neighbourhoods of Washwood Heath and Sparkbrook, to reassure the community their movements are not being monitored while a “full and in-depth consultation” takes place. The Guardian (of Muslims) reports>>>

Not Good Enough:

Never let a case of self inflicted dhimmitude go to waste:

On Sunday, there will be a public rally organised by Birmingham Against Spy Cameras (BASC) in opposition to the mass surveillance scheme being implemented in the Sparkbrook and Washwood Heath areas of Birmingham. I will be one of the speakers at the rally, which brings together a diverse range of organisations and individuals who strongly oppose the scheme and are calling for it to be scrapped. Come and find out why, and add your voice to the campaign.

SALMA YAQOOB needs  you to “Speak out against spy cameras

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  1. As someone else so aptly put it ” They’d get better results if the put the bags over the muslims instead.”

  2. Update: as far as I remember, I read a while back that the cameras were removed. Saw it on a anti-CCTV bigbrother-watch type of website, can’t remember the url though sorry.

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