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Iran: Stoning Victim Not off the Hook

Last week a massive global outcry stopped an Iranian woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, from being stoned to death.

But Sakineh still faces hanging, and today, fifteen more people await execution by stoning — people are buried up to their necks and large rocks are hurled at their heads.

Algeria bans Western products:

The Algerian government is about to finalize a legal text prohibiting the import of finished goods…. An interdepartmental commission is currently about to adopt a list  of several tens of products. The products concerned with this prohibition are mostly food….  Belgian, German and Swiss chocolates will be replaced by the extraordinary one chocolate of Tindouf,  (whatever)  Western products like “the cow”, “Kinder”, “Ariel”, “Coke Cola”, “Nutella”, “Edam with red skin”, “Danone” and many other candies of all colors…… (About time to stop all aid and immigration…)

Sweden: Mohammedan Ambulance Chasers Attack  Paramedics

The ambulance staff were forced to fend off attacks using their flashlights. Something that they shouldn’t have to do. Read further… (GoV)

Australia’s Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is a limp dick:

Question: If 36 million Australians by 2050 are too many, how much will he cut our immigration intake – now running at an insane 270,000 a year, enough to give us 42 million?

Answer: Abbott hums and haws and suggests it will be cut significantly, but refuses to give a figure.   He agrees we need to talk about “the right kind of migrant”, and says this does indeed mean people able to make a contribution. Or as I put it to him, people who can “fit in”.

He says he wishes women would not wear the burqa, but is not proposing to ban them. Andrew Bolt

Judges in modern, moderate Kosovo refuse U.S. request to extradite accused jihadist

But, but, but, I thought that in Kosovo they were all moderate Muslims who loved America! I read all about it in Commentary! “Kosovo: Judges Say No to U.S. Request for Extradition of Terrorism Suspect,” from AP, via Jihad Watch

Heads Reconstructed

Interpol Releases Images of Uganda Bombers From Heads Found at the Scene

The reconstructions were created from two heads found at the scene of the bombings.
The BBC reported/Gateway PunditImages of Uganda Bombers

Other news:

Suicide bombers attack Iraq militia and kill over 40

The death toll from an attack in southwestern Baghdad by a suicide bomber on a group of government-backed Sunni militiamen reached at least 39, Iraqi police said. (Reuters)

Iranian rebels send Tehran a defiant message

An ethnic insurgent group carries out a double bombing in retaliation for Iran’s execution of its leader Abdolmalek Rigi — sending a message that is likely to deepen strains in a region already unsettled by the Afghan war.  Full Article

$hrillary trie$ to “re$tore tru$t” with Paki$tan

(as if we had to prove that we can be trusted!) how much….. $$$$$$$??????

Her two-day visit includes talks with top military and civilian leaders as well as pledges of economic aid which Washington hopes will demonstrate to a skeptical public that the United States is a trustworthy partner in the struggle against the Taliban on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  (Reuters) – Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

In Paki$tan We Tru$t!

India’s home minister: Pakistan’s ISI orchestrated Mumbai jihadist attacks

And yet the Pakistani foreign minister quoted below seems baffled as to why this is such a sore spot for India. “India: ISI ”controlled” Mumbai attack,” from AdnKronos International, via JW

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  1. bbc 4 tonight 7.30p.m. – there’s a programme ‘islam and science ‘ where some muslim will tell us about ‘islam’s scientific achievements ‘

  2. Last thing I read said the Lady won’t be stoned but would probably be hung! And in Iran that’s usually from a crane!

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